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So no memories yet.


I'm unlucky enough not to get .Hack//Link on That Ace book like some people who do get it But So fair no memories for Haseo as fair as I can see it so he defeated Azure Kite *Sighs* that epic Battle well be more flasher in the game (Hopefully) but that gives me more hints *Evil laughs*
*Cough*...*Cough*...anyhow you can find the updated page of .Hack//Link

Azure Kite VS Haseo .Hack//Link
Begging battle

The results

But what happens to Azure Kite? dose he remember Haseo now? who knows maybe they well Give us a hint later on the waiting is killing me *Fan girl sighs* I guess I need to do some Fics To pass time but yeah I wanted more emotions between them it would be like there 3rd battle with One another if you count G.U. History ahh well this is supposed to be a whole another story from The game right so it might end in other ways but I'm seeing a lot of Tokio and Kite shipping In the new Trailer I posted O_O yeah I hate to admit it they are cute tougher but I still like Azure Kite and Haseo history But something been bugging me is how many people you can have in a Party I just see 1 not unless Tokio IS Stronger then everyone else...I kind of doubt it *Cough* But the one party thing well be a test if it true or I'm not paying attention (Looks away)
Anyhow .Hack//Link page updated it at


See you guys/girls later!.

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