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.Hack//Link PSP.


There are 2 places I know that dose sell .Hack//Link Imported from Japan and they are Good places to order and I think I well order from one of them I do want the PSP game
But yeah these are the places You can order it from oh yeah here is the Box PSP art
.Hack//Link PSP.
It looks alright but I wanted to to be more Darker lol I hope at some point that 'Tokio' becomes dark or evil that would be fun but I doubt they would do that to him as fair as I know he has 2 girls in his life and one is named Saika Amagi who he thinks is the girl who he Really dream was AIKA she is the princess he dreamed about not Saika who knows her also I got a felling Tokio 1st likes AIKA then later on he realized that it's Saika who he likes Right I can see that being played long at there no crazy love Triangles I'm fine Meh new shipping paring I saw as Endrance and Tokio (Hides from Endrance fans) man I can't wait for this game and I'm looking forward to March then comes the stories I still don't Understand the logical laws of .Hack//Link world I guess it well be explained to us soon I think the return of Ovan and maybe Sakaki who I hope dose not return we don't need his KFC of doom lol but for more evil people I don't know I think the Schicksal are enough evil But they said the Infinity Eight and Cubia ARE not going to be the final boss since the past 2 games so who do you think is the last boss? and Evil Tokio? clone? uh...Ovan? I'm not Too Sure since a lot of people on the BBS wanted Ovan to be playable now I don't really care for Him but one thing I'm worried about is it looks like in game play there ARE no party of 3 Just Tokio and another person and that it...I hope that not it or else it would suck I hope there are hidden bosses after you beat the game or hidden quest like the Forest of Pain was Fun but I'm glade they brought the snow area back but no Halloween town eh? and it looks like PKK is back and Gabi become a Pker so I guess we'll be seeing Natsume on the PK list again right? she was in G.U. a PKer man I wish they made this for the PS2 OR PS3 but it had to be PSP but we should be glade they are making this game I know I am but yeah sorry for this log topic about this game that I'm going to love well almost love since Tokio is the Main hero I hope he dose get better or else he well be worse then Shugo *Cough* sorry it just my emotions about this game I apologize if I offended .Hack//Dusk lovers but yeah here you go.

Link 1-


Link 2-

I don't know any other places ware I do Import games if you have a other place let me know
I want march to come it well be kind of bittersweet for me this is the ending of .Hack That We all know and love and hate know I need to get back on my stories to Improve more so yeah talk to you guys/girls later!.

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