May 15th, 2005

Anime girl white

Crossovers Fanfiction...

Ah something I love to do but something it can be hard to pick out what you love the most and what others want I know some people was talking about a .Hack crossover with Star Ocean Till The End of Time other wise known as Star Ocean 3. and some parings we all love and hate and someone else wanted a Final Fantasy Crossover but what one?! I mean FF1-10X2, I'm not doing FF11 becuse I don't have that game and FF12 has not come out yet...

Game's I am playing-
Final Fantasy 1- playing.
Final Fantasy 2-playing.
Final Fantasy 3-....?
Final Fantasy 4- ....?
Final Fantasy 5- playing.
Final Fantsy 6- Playing.
Final Fantsy 7- Beat the Game still playing.
Final Fantasy 8- hafe way.
Final Fantsy 9- don't got it.
Final Fantsy 10- playing.
Final Fantsy 10X2- Hafe way.

And I know I can do Star Ocean 3 one since I am hafe way though it. the Idea on hte Beyblade one and Sailor Moon one is kind of off. I my safe though it would be funy.

.Hack//sign or .Hack//Game or .Hack//Legend of Twilight?...yeah something are easy to do something are hard to do something things are fun to do. but yes I well make something up later on. I hope so.