October 12th, 2006


Update. .Hack//G.U. Vol.2.

Hello Eveone.

I finally got to Lv. 100 yes that how high you can levle up at. so it almost like.

Haseo- Hp- 3001. Mp- 486. btw I used some Items to get his HP that high since people was saying Ovan is hard to beat now I'm going to fight Atoli-Innis. but that dame AIDA- Helena. is hard as heck to beat she almost like Magus she touch you lose HP in battle btw she alful clingy what another thing I hate is Endrance giving you Macha Remeber how Slow Macha was win you fought her well Skeith becomes almost that slow it annoying...it taken me a wale to get use of Haseo 3rd form I still loved his 2nd one and I see they made a 4th Form for him his final one in Vol.3... it bitter not be Orange or Yellow dame it...but it looks like his 4th new class is 2 small guns now he's fighting like Yuna's Style...lol.

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So yeah the end of my SP. of Vol.2 if you want to know the rest play .Hack//G.U. Vol.2 it vary fun and vary hard to let go of oh yeah...I'll update more about what happens in G.U. and hope for a new movie on Vol.3 the final one but not until 2007. there are some good moments in G.U. and some really sad one and some really angry ones like what happens to Yowkow that was sad moment. there no movie on that moment though...but yeah I'll talk to eveone later on about more G.U. thing. thanks for listing to me.

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