October 20th, 2006


.Hack//G.U. Vol.3 Info and...

Hello eveone.

I I'm so happy to tell you about Vol.3 Haseo looks much bitter. and his new power seem to draw the Azure Knights to him and I think after that they well join you and this time I think you're fighting the Real Kite. hopefully he'll talk since the picture is Haseo and Kite alone I assume he sends you a e-mail of some keywords...or something but Ah dreams do come ture I love this!. god now I wonder how Haseo freinds are going to act win the Azure Knights join you...but ugh it like falling in Love with G.U. all over agin this time I'll give you links since I have no time to post them in my Photo thing...there is a down side it looks like you have to fight them alone to get them to join you so get as much strong as you can.


Go look for you're safe Haseo looks between light and darkness...

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