November 9th, 2006


.Hack//G.U. Vol.3 part3. Info.

Hello eveone.

I'm here to bring you news rather this is ture or just a Rumor I do not know yet but it seems to be real but it can be fake and why would I show this to you if it was fake...I'm not sure lol.

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it looks like some new Players Join you're gorup...

Azure Kite.
Azure Balmung.
Azure Orca.

I'm not too sure if all of this is ture or not...but a lot of people DO want Tenrow in there party and yet he is not with this group...but what suprised me you get all Azure Knights and Natusme comes back...oh man I want to see a scean between Kite, Endrance, Piros3rd and Natsume if that I'm not too sure how they would react to Kite new look or how Kite would act to them maybe like... "......." Would be his but no Ovan...a.k.a. Tri-Edge. That good man I'm still angry at him...but I wonder How Natsume joins you're party that if she dose maybe she seen the fight win the Azure Balmung and Orca. killed there fakes...or is she also looking for the Rumor of 'Tri-Edge'?
As people mistaken Kite for Tri-Edge agin...hopefully he clear his name by Vol.3. as Skeith get a new look. he looks like the 'Angel' of death and it almost look like he stole a red version of Blamung's wings...but yeah this is all the info on this one for right now so talk to you guys later.
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