December 13th, 2006


.Hack//G.U. Vol.3 Info06.


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So yeah more info on .Hack//Vol.3. so yeah people are happy yet sad becuse some didn't get who they wanted. but I found out some other news.

Haseo get AIDA in him.
Then get Data Drain by either Kite or one of the Phases.
Then fights Yata.
Then get his X-form.
He then get noticed by TSN. and goes ageist the Azure Knights with Yata and Atoli. check the World Vol.10 for that info.
Then maybe figths Ovan a.k.a. Tri-Edge.
Then fights the final boss witch is a huge Meat Ball of doom!! people are calling it the new 'Cubia' it a huge ball. and I call it a deadly meat ball...but yeah I don't know what really happens after you fight the knights some part 'Eina' fits in. but yeah some info I got I made the picturs out of my boredment...but it something.
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