January 12th, 2007


.Hack//G.U. vol.3 Info08.


This might be old news but it something I got news .Hack//G.U. going to be out in Japan the 18 now. so yeah looking at my orders. I might get mine Sunday or Monday dame it 3 days shipmet so yeah it going to be late for me.

beside that...

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but I SO can't wait for this one. but what well I do win this is over with...?.
Turn my Jornal into a Fanfiction place I might do Hey I got a account over at http://anime.adultfanfiction.net/ Under...'Asuka' I think I missed up at my name But I welll sign under 'Asukai' here. so yah beware of fanfiction in the near future...lol. but *serious* now I want Vol.3 game so I can find out what the ending is...talk to you later.
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