April 9th, 2007

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Interim Report...SP.


I got some news BUT it may be Old to some people do not Read. if you don't want SP to be seen...

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Elk is Endrance...Mia body is Destoryed and yet she is given a new body!. eh no body but she turn into Endrance lost weapon!...Wtf I know...
Sora is Gone but come back as Haseo with no Memory of anything between .Hack//Sign to .Hack//Infe-Qura...or .Hack//Zero.
The World R1 was Destoryed by Amagi...
Pai is the little Sister of That guy.
Ovan is Tri-Edge.
Shino was the REAL Host to Innis but win Ovan killed her Innis moved to Atoli.
The Azure Knights was brought back by Aura who was asleep in the World R2.
but awoke after the Defeat of Cubia. and went back to sleep and given the Knights to Haseo.
Eina is Ovan true sister she and Ovan are both only exist in the world. *Cough* Tsuaksa dajvu agin.
as Aura was using Eina's body to contact Haseo in.
Oh yeah Kuhn, Yata, Pai work for CCOP.
And the Azure Knights only talk to Haseo after you Marry one of them...lol. but you have to be with them alone.
Saku and Bo are one person. but Bo is a boy...Saku is a girl...eh?!.

So yeah this is evething...I think...
*mumble* I still can't get over the fact that Sora and Haseo are the Same person!...
but yeah I know I'm Evil...I look at the SP of .Hack//G.U. so if you don't want to see all the secrets of G.U. don't look...see you all later I hope.
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