October 17th, 2007


.Hack//G.U. sims For Sims1...Wahhh!


I found over at the Japanese Sights. Hack Sims for Sims1...NOT Sims2 I don't even know if they Work with US Sims1 I own sims1 to...so what a Girl to do?. Test it?. maybe...Maybe someday Someone Well make it for Sims2...

Link-- http://sokoai.hp.infoseek.co.jp/sim.htm
But over there some .Hack//G.U. Links fan art are now Sims1 pic like Kite with Ovan ughh...
But as I said before it Japanese Sims so I have zero Idea that it works with US sims...so don't Blame me if it don't work...Sooo I might try later.
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