February 25th, 2008

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.Hack//Link re. update.

Hello everyone.

Well I own Kero Kero Ace Vol.02 Witch has .Hack//Link in it and I just know Got Full Story of Vol.1 it seems the First Kero Kero Ace Vol.1 just had a little of .Hack//Link in it the fist part off with Tokio Fairy Tail Princess waking up all alone in the School Ground to see Tokio who is now IN The World R;X as She pick up the Game and looks happy (IT the girl who looks like a Female Version of Cubia)Well they did have Kite V.S. Fleugel in it and at first he starts normal power then Getting a good watch from Fleugel Kite is left on the ground well Fleugel gives Tokio Candy?!... Yes A sucker thinking dirty thoughts as Did Tokio blush?!...man I'm seeing things...Well After That fluffy moment Kite turns into Azure Kite well not turn into him but his Blades Becomes The Empty Skies!...and then he shoots Azure Blue fire at Fleugel after hitting him a few times Kite Dose his skill Azure Kite's 'A' attack yep then after thinking he won Fleugel gets up and Some How mange to get behind Kite and dose a Freeze attack on him well Turning back Time Kite sees HIS Past And Future and well Tokio freaks out and tries to help him Kite TALKS About Tsukasa AND Haseo Who are Shown to be in some Dark odd looking space (Looks like Avatar Space to me) as Haseo looks Side Ways as Tsukasa has his back turn away from the view as some more Shadows are seen With Them Then Before really blacking out Kite uses his Hexagram Bracelet as he USES Data Drain on Fleugel Before He is all the way frozen after the battle Tokio stares helpless at the Frozen Kite.

As the view switches as Fleugel is shown out of his PC body but looks some ware in the World Still Or Another world as he has black hair but looks the same as he sucks the sucker thinking About Tokio (Fan girl moment lol) as some odd looking fairy palls him back as he lays in the Grass Jungle looking area. End of Part 1.

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Sorry Don't have a Scanner and I could not find any more new .Hack//Link pic Ware Kite Blades Turn into the Empty skies and win he thinks about Tsukasa and Haseo Ah-ha I know who to Put Tokio with now hehe!. But yeah here is ware you can see .Hack//Link or buy it.
Buy must buy it only $7.40 yeah that much to see .Hack//Link it cheap but it full of nice Stuff What I learn there are 3 chap. in Japan I don't know ware But I assume they well put it in Kero Kero Ace or Else I well go hunting for it I want to see Haseo and Tsukas a make there view.
So I assume Kite is a cross between his old PC and Azure Kite or my Theories say so HEY I don't Know Japanese BUT I can read Picture Doujinshi face art vary well but yeah...Some People ARE Setting up Kite with Tokio all ready in Slash wise ugh it nice to see Kite thinking About Tsukas and Haseo and not that boy I mean Tokio is 14 years old and Kite way older then him and I think Haseo some ware in his 20's in the World R;X and Tsukasa is way older then Kite is not unless Kite AND Tsuaksa are AI's!...wait that a Stupid Theory but it can happen!...But yeah I'm SO Anxious about this and I just had to post my view on it so buy it you'll love the Art!.

See you guys later!.
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