March 25th, 2008

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.Hack//G.U. TRILOGY Part 05.

Hello Everyone!.

Pic time Trilogy is now out!! I don't have it yet but it ready to be shipped what my Order Stats Say so here is some pic to get the blood flowing!

Collapse )

A small Detail on what this move WELL look like I love it all ready! it not I who post these Pic it was someone over at so Please no credit to me to them But In a Couple of days I well own the movie my safe hahahaha!...*Cough* You can order the movie here!.
Either one well shipped it to you But you must have Credit card to order them or a Visa Gift Card Well do if you don't have a real Visa. So yeah I'm so Anxious about this Movie it Out Oh Yeah at Play-asia you can buy the OST of Trilogy don't miss out on it!. See you around!.
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