March 26th, 2008


.Hack//Trilogy Movie Gone from...


Sorry it Gone from Youtube they removed it Since Someone Turned it in but the person who Up-lode it Well Redo it since it is a person from .Hackers place But win I find it I well post it agin sorry about all of this But The story is not all that bad.

Win you Think you're Ready Jump into the fire and Watch the whole Movie! Got to love it!

After the Movie and you want to OWN it buy it online at

You can Order the OST Music From Play-Asia like I said before meh I love this Movie! So Support G.U. and Them and buy the movie! We need to let them know that we are fans to so they Might Think of letting the US have if it sells in Japan they well think of letting it come over to The US Okay I'm done playing a seller watch the movie win you have time so DO enjoy now!.
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