March 29th, 2008

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World R;X News Game 01.

Quote:The .hack//G.U. Trilogy NewWorldGuide, which was released alongside Trilogy this week, revealed artwork for a new series, possibly new games, connected to the new .hack//LINK era. This new series may even answer the questions raised by a certain "twist" in Trilogy. In addition, Bandai Namco Vice President Shin Unozawa stated in an interview in the magazine that in the wake of the success of Trilogy he is considering making a movie based on the first 4 .hack games. More information will be posted as it becomes available, so stay tuned, and feel free to discuss this on our message board, where news sometimes breaks before it's even posted here. End of Quote.


My Replay- Soo they might be Thinking of making the World R;X into a Game based off .Hack//Link Maybe They might let you Import you Data From G.U. but WHAT About the Wedding thing I mean IN G.U.
Aura did send you a Card well they make a little movie like thing ware Haseo talks to that person Well metting up with Tokio since we all did marry Not the same person in G.U. Beside If they did Make this into a Game I do want to see Haseo in his X-form not his 1st one I'm not too sure How This well work if they did make this into a Game they bitter give that new hero a Class not Unless We get to switch between Tsukasa, Haseo and Kite for fighting I would be SO happy if they Did Make This into a Game it would be Sooo cool meh this give me a reason to Finish upgrading my Lost Weapons only got like 3 left to finish but yeah I'm happy about this News Flash I hope it not fake news.
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