June 25th, 2009

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Quizy time What couple ARE U??.


So yeah 1st try and I've got MikamiXLight X_X and it says "You are very obsessive, or you have an obsessive personality. You have a high respect for your idol, and have that take over your life. You're very obedient, and understanding when you're given something you need to do" Ahhh I've become Kira's followers! JK (Sorry to offend Death Note lovers) the 2nd one I've Tried I've Got LXNear -_-;; let's forget about that one heheeh....so yeah I was a little bored tonight so yeah I am now a Death Note Fan (Taken too long for me to become one) I blame that on my mom she loves Anime and she watched DN lol but yeah this Quiz is kind of fun So yeah this past some kind of time hehe...see you guys/girls later.
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The day is Long ways to come.


I just found out something Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days AND Dissidia Final Fantasy ARE Both going To be out on August 25, 2009 and AT Amazon you can bundle and save get both about $65.98 with the cost of shipping and I well get both so it seems and they are going to be on the PSP but I did here rumors that Disgaea 3 cannot switch to PSP it size from the PS3 but dose that mean they Can Switch it to XBox360 so that why they added Secret to unlock but it not a secret no more hehe

Spoilers Beware!

Yeah you can unlock Disgaea 3 in the new Disgaea 2 Dark Hero PSP game it from them saying
"Sorry we can't put Disgaea 3 on the PSP so we'll bring Disgaea 3 to Disgaea 2 Dark hero" But yeah how would this work? Mao and his group are from the future and how is he going to fit in this Game? All I seen so fair they arrive on meteors. but safe to say I well be hacking my PSP Win I get the English one or I can spend hours trying to unlock them so yeah I think I well be Getting both of them I love both games!.
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