March 7th, 2010


Order .Hack//Link OST and get...


.Hack//Link OST is out it's been out for a few days I have mine getting ready to ship my .Hack//Link Game is some ware in Hong Kong yet >_> much to my anxious emotions that I want it NOW
It taken forever and right now I'm still working on my fan fiction for my community but here are Some wall papers that supposed to come with the OST I think that rumors are

Collapse )

But yeah just my Random thoughts win I saw this wall papers there ARE more of them but I didn't get to save them all that win you order .Hack//Link OST Collection Edition if I'm wrong Correct me man well I hope they do more of it but if I offended you about all of my nonsense I'm Sorry About that it just my own personal Ideas no one else has to like it or hate it but yeah so fair I'm going to post 2 songs off the OST that I did find alright?

Song- 時の階段/Stairs of Time .Hack//Link opening full version.

Song- 時代の向こうへ/To Beyond an Era boss battle music I think it pretty good.

If you can't see the Japanese on the web sight here
Japanese Language pack for Windows it well make it show up on you're PC but yeah let me get back on working on my Fan fiction now alright? see you guys later.
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    時代の向こうへ/To Beyond an Era~ .Hack//Link full ver.