March 12th, 2010


.Hack//Link Cross Rengeki Videos.


I did find the Cross Rengeki video's since I can't show you what they look like

The Silver knight one is funny you know who he loves lol I'm seeing Tokio and Cubia hints well Deadly ones Helba is epic one wait win did Kite become Tri-Edge? they should of used that for Azure Kite not Kite and don't in Tabby way that all I have to say Pai is another Epic one and Midori can really pawn as Haseo uses Tokio as a stepping stone but it make up that he blushed at the end *Cute* and never get Atoli angry that one rule uh Shino a little more support
So Saku is a seafood fan? looks like it well Bo is more into Candy right at lest there not Tougher like they was in G.U. and Endrance one is epic really Tokio stop fighting him
And Sakaki is almost likeable well almost if he wasn't evil in G.U. I might like him
Tokio and Yowkow/Alkaid one is cool looking except Tokio being a pervert lol Zelkova is Another epic one really he's that powerful (Did they find out who he really is?) anyhow...
Really now I think I like Ovan a bit more if he's with Tokio beside they make a good pair
I think Kaede wants something from Tokio man I wish she was that warm in G.U.
And Azure Kite spoken well I would not Apologized almost hitting Tokio really and B-st Haseo is epic really except the fact Tokio should run B-st Haseo might rape him *Fan girl moment*
Cello and her big doll like thing is cute Klarinette is Beautiful doing her Cross with Tokio now they would make a cute couple

now for part 2

Fluegel and Tokio make a cute couple really I want to see him and Ovan face off (That gives me a new Idea) oh yeah Mimiru sure warmed up to him a lot Omg what are you doing to Tsukasa?! yup it Official Tsukasa makes a good Pillow *Cute* Silver knight is still
Silver Knight "SUBARU-SAMA!!!" but his love is with more passion 10X times epic really lol
well Tokio finally learn really with Subaru he well not get dizzy good work Albireo and Tokio finally learn it out they look good as a fighting team BlackRose finally meet her Match really maybe Tokio well be the one to dominated her O_0 or maybe not... Mistral one no Comment really..."......" now that Orca he become vary good in this Cross thing really can Balmung get any more epic really? they would make a good pair really...they run out of Ideas For Kite really now he almost stole Azure Kite Rengeki no Kite new Rengeki reminds me of Haseo Data Drain in G.U. with Tabby Tokio just hit dream world really and died in happiness
Watch Sialbus looks like he could PK Tokio at the end of his Rengeki he must be Jealous
Forget it Pai is epic then before she more Warm then she was with Tokio then she was with Haseo really that means Tokio is her Ideal type! *Fan girl moment* and Kuhn still you're Friendly type with Tokio nothing less then Kuhn I guess Tokio just stop trying to be Warm with Midori it won't work really...Haseo got his X-form back Man I'm happy to see his Guns back but really it almost like he wanted to put his arms around him or I'm seeing things
Can it get any more Drama with Atoli and Tokio really they need more tears really
Well at lest Tokio Blushes with Shino also better watch out Ovan *Evil grin* Muhahaha Saku Seafood of doom! and Bo mega Candy of doom I think Tokio might be his 1st kiss really
Endrance looks so pretty so feminine like Tokio learn to play along with his love-touching-moment or maybe not they need more privet time really *Throws them in a closet* oh yeah Alkaid/Yowkow is playing hard to get Tokio you need more time with her like Endrance
Kaede ware all the warmness go?! Unknown Kite the hidden new PC that you unlock man they Sure did it really a vary Feminine Kite man Tokio and him make a good couple really Endrance V.S. Unknown Kite that would be my dream really I'm not too sure what his/her name is hopefully it's not Kite child with BlackRose that well be the painful for me really it'll be Alright if that Shugo child or Rena's but yeah this Unknown Kite is vary Feminine Uke like Hummm...that Gives me another Idea really oh yeah beside the Evil Aura as the Final boss! I don't know if that Rumors or not but that what they say but this give me enough info really
Hopefully you guys like .Hack//Link like I do I love the game right now I'm cross between .Hack//Roots and .Hack//Dusk but yeah these are the Cross Rengeki Video's so enjoy now!.

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Game- .Hack//Link.
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