August 7th, 2010


Sorry late update .hack//Quantum.


.hack//Quantum Anime info


Balmung look alike- Tobiasu.
BlackRose look alike- Mary.
Kite look alike- Sakuya (Yes I think She a girl)

So we got another Kite look alike this time it's another girl beside Sora from Link Now we just need a girl Haseo and there Well be Yuri lol this is what happens win you gender blend Kite Well I guess I could pair her with Cubia or Tobiasu OR Mary and Sakuya Yuri this give me another Idea For my fan fiction so what do you think of this? too many Kite Copies I fell bad for him it not Hard to Fantasy Kite kind of Feminine now I think this is for the Fan girls I now I like it
Now who to put Sakuya with?
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