June 26th, 2011

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.Hack Quantum vo-01.


I did get my book But the reason I AM not doing nothing it too dame hot not all that I'm getting sick again my mom's like "That reason you get vehicle" IF you remember I did not Get a Fuel shot make me wish I did now I already went though 4 rolls of Tissue and 2 Box's of Tissue mom went and bought some more and she the reason why I'm sick in the first place *Grumbles* and she got over her fuel fast way too fast lucky her...

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So yeah she a Gender blend Shugo to my point of View but at lest she tries harder in the end She is reunited with her friends no Epic battle no Data Draining nothing just the Simple power of Love and Friendship *Cough* Now I really want to see her and Haseo trying to work tougher lol that gives me an new Idea for now or maybe her and Shugo working Tougher that would be more funny yet Ironic trying to save Rena and Mary with different Special bonds with the BlackRose look alike overall it a fun book to read but I wanted more Action or at lest more romance between her and Mary Yes it has been Decided Sakuya and Mary are the ONLY Couple I well admit to like that is using Kite and BlackRose PC lol my fan girl insight says so if you noticed I am not a huge Kite and BlackRose fan the DVD ending is almost the same the power of Love AND Friendship over using that Weapon if they Make a game out of this I would buy it the story is part action/romance/drama
So yeah tell me what you think of this one alright?

Anime- .Hack//Quantum opening full.


Game- Tekken 6 Song- Anger of the Earth

So yeah enjoy now!