June 9th, 2012


Video update again Update June-16-12!

Hello here is another update

New video show everyone in action!

Sora your definitely a uke but she IS a girl but she using Kite avatar so...*cough* just not around Haseo alright? lol JK

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So what do you think I wanted more added maybe hopefully DLC like the rest of the Infinity eight beside Haseo but I'm happy we did get BlackRose and Kite and Tokio so yes I've told you I did order it I just had to wait for more info before I do anything else

Side note- My community is not Dead I'm waiting for more info and this just added to it yes I'm doing another fan fiction don't worry I just need some proof but otherwise this looks good

on topic- yes I'm going to like this game so what do you think of it?

Update Edit- June-16-12