June 25th, 2012


.Hack V rumors


Their rumors that they MIGHT do some DLC for .Hack V but they also hinted they might do a Tekken X .Hack Crossover but they have not said it to be true

Links- http://gablog3.exblog.jp/18470377


Link- http://tokkurin.net/archives/50774371.html

I'm not too sure how that will work but it's rumors but we won't find out until the game is out but as I said before I will get it 3 days after thanks to the shipping so look out for my late update for that one good god I can just see the crazy stories that might come with this dlc if they do it but I want it to happen we'll just have to wait and see

Don't get upset if this rumors don't turn out to be true it one I was shocked to hear it myself see you later

Btw it's all in Japanese don't ask me