June 27th, 2012


.Hack Versus OST!


Guess what come in today!? my .Hack Versus OST that's what I'm not doing all the tracks some of them sound too cutesy for my taste I guess I got use to .Hack darker songs

Link- http://www.4shared.com/mp3/mUokatcz/02__.html
Song- ヒトヒラ 三谷朋世 I love this song

Link- http://www.4shared.com/mp3/NFrdIMGr/13_.html
Song- 伝説の蒼炎

Link- http://www.4shared.com/mp3/fC8lZSY1/18_.html
Song- 戦慄の影

Link- http://www.4shared.com/mp3/VAVJsLO9/20__.html
Song- 晴天桜花 三谷朋世 too cute for my taste

Win I dl from the CD almost all of them was titled '???' I tried to change it but it won't let me so they are kind of stuck like that >_> I'll scan the CD win I get the PS3 Game I was shocked it come in this after noon now if only my Game would come that fast so yeah enjoy now!

I see what's on disk 2 yeah I did buy the Limited Edition it come with more wall paper and if you look in the info of the cover it has few pics I will scan it the wall paper is on the 2nd disk so this is off MY OST I own I did not steal it so please listen to them thank you

.Hack Versus ost pics info


I thought I'll show you since I'm in the mood
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noo I didn't scan all of it since the rest are pics we already saw from the trailers but this made me want to scan them but I soo want my game now but half of the songs make me think of the stages and 'wtf' moment because how cute they sound...maybe it's me...

DL to the music is below this post see it for yourself

Edit-NVM Just found out they made a wall paper out of it! >_> link removed

My Game has been shipped!?

Just checked on my order

and it says Shipped but the Irony is that the shipping is 3 days >_> *Sob* I want the game now!
*tries to calm herself down*

So who else game shipped? I'm not the only one am I?

*sees a tumbleweed rolls by*

I will tell you this I did not order from YesAsia like most of the other import people did I order from *muffle*

anyways now I'm happy excited and a bit sad to tell you the truth because this IS the last .Hack game or they say so my mixed emotions sorry

Look out people who DID order the game check your order it might of shipped like mine did