September 17th, 2012


.Hack Guilty Dragon app


I guess .Hack is not dead I'm not dead either my life from being upset about my lost saves to having to do more stuff that I didn't want to do like take care of my mother who I do adore to other stuff...

but I'm more happy to share this news even if it's late >_> yeah I'm really late on this one
so Bandai says .Hack Versus was the end of .Hack as we know it right? so why are they making a free game?? and why isn't it on the PS3!? *sobs* I wanted a game like this on the ps3 forever sure tales of the world radiant mythology 1-3 are fun but this is .Hack for crying out loud!
I hope in the future they make a real online game like this for the PS3
but yeah there are more questions to ask then answers are being said to

Looking good but yeah another Kite copy? how many are they going to make? but this one reminds me of Azure Kite for some odd reason maybe it's the outfit or maybe it the fact he slump like a doll kind of something Azure Kite would do I thought someone made a pic of Azure Kite in that same coat but more dark looking it was on the fan base I was win .Hack Versus and .Hack link fan art was going around but my theory is that is Azure Kite not Kite or a copy or I can be wrong but yeah that whole coat thing reminds me of Haseo from link oh and the Haseo we see here his new outfit makes him more naked beside his other outfits I think it's the pic they made lol sorry!
1:13 he floats now he really reminds me of Azure Kite just noticed this update

Random crack theory- Kite is the protector of the world and Haseo is part of the world O_O
and players are the key to unlock the secrets of the world

oh god this reminds me of a story now...*cough* but I like that new songs that plays win we see Kite copy (?) who we don't know his name or role yet or if that also the same Haseo or another copy like the many Kite's we already have so yeah this is confusing but I want more info on this I do have a phone I can play it on no I don't have a Iphone people are lucky to have it win I'm locked in a contract until 2013 >_< my bad luck enough of that so what do you think of this? I need more info before I can do a fic about this so yeah enjoy now!

.Hack Guilty Dragon Translation EN

"The Legend of the Three Powers and the Relief

In order to purify the “Eight Curses” that burdened the Guilty Dragon,
long ago, in this world, the Three Powers vied for supremacy of the continent,
fighting a long battle.
The Citadel of Power Bal Kul held a civilization skilled in the ways of the Broadsword.
The Capital of Skill Lifaan held a civilization skilled in the ways of the Twin Blades.
The Hidden Province of Magic Celeca held a civilization skilled in the ways of the Wave Staff.
However, before the great war, called “The World Disaster,” fought between “Evil” and “Humanity” could take over, the Three Powers joined forces, and helped mankind dismiss the evil.
A grave sin was committed by the evil Dragon, as a turning point in the “betrayal”...
and as time passed, the superpowers lost their power, leaving behind chaos.
The “Temple of the Guilty Dragon” is located on an island no longer held in the memories of the people.
In this place, only the frame of the “Relief of the Guilty Dragon” is kept.
The Relief was broken into eight pieces during the conflict a long time ago. Legend has it that the pieces are scattered all over the world.
Those who succeed in restoring the Relief will receive a “Baptist's Blessing” that will purify the sins of the Dragon and bestow the power to restore the world."-End of Quote

Broadsword-Blackrose OR Mimiru or Mary or Rena or Midori
Twin blade-Kite or his copies or Alkaid or Natsume
Wave Staff- Tsuksa has to be it
Evil Dragon- Evil looking Kite copy?? or someone else

I've just found this info this sounds more like a story of betryal and pain or it has to with people/npc/players we never met before


Go read it so that the story of Guilty Dragon if it's true I've just found this info so think about it