January 15th, 2013

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Disgaea Dimension 2 Alternate Etna and Laharl as a Girl



"Japanese magazine leaks have more information about Disgaea Dimension 2, a sequel to Disgaea: Hour of Darkness where Laharl has to prove to the Netherworld he is worthy of being the king.

Here’s an interesting twist – one morning Laharl wakes up and without knowing why changes into a woman’s body. Why does Laharl become Laharl-chan? We’ll have to wait for more information to find out.

The leak from TaleTale Source also says there is a character called 2P Etna, which looks like Etna except 2P Etna is blue" End of Quote

So that female Laharl we saw in the pic he changes into a girl and here I thought he was a very girly guy O_o never mind me and my dreams but this is new there adding gender blend in a Disgaea game

Source- http://www.siliconera.com/2013/01/15/disgaea-dimension-2-tidbits-about-an-alternate-etna-and-laharl-as-a-girl/

so what do you guys think about it?