March 28th, 2013


Persona 3 movie 2013 update


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P3 Movie update

"As previously reported, Persona 3 is getting the movie treatment. The first Persona 3 movie will be released in Japanese theatres this Fall, and is titled Persona 3 the Movie #1: Spring of Birth, according to its website, which was updated today. The Persona 3 protagonist has a new name for the movie—Makoto Yuki.

Persona 3 the Movie #1: Spring of Birth is being directed by Noriaki Akitaya, who has served as director on the Bakuman anime. Seiji Kishi, who is directing the Devil Survivor 2 anime, is serving as supervisor. Anime studio AIC ASTA is working on the project" End of Quote

So his name is Makoto Yuki his last name is Makoto right? so his first name is Yuki if not Yuki is a odd last name -_- whatever his name is still Minato to me so let me get this Yuki and Yu there too many 'Y' name now lol as long as they don't change Tatsuya name we're fine we don't need any more 'Y' name please so what do you guys think of it?
Update- Makoto is HIS First name so Yuki is his last name