September 30th, 2013


Smartphone News Shadow Escaper's out, Shinigami Messiah is in!



Possibly due to iOS 7 issues, CC2's smartphone runner game Shadow Escaper has announced that it will be ending service forever on November 28th at midnight EST. While not particularly .hack-y, the game did evoke images of Great Thief Forteprotze, the game that eventually became .hack.

In its wake comes a new game, Shinigami Messiah for Android and iPhone. The game has a darker feel and the trailer contains the scythes and static we have come to expect from this company. Further announcements are planned for the near future.

Additionally, Bandai Namco filed a new trademark for .hack in Europe. Might this be in preparation for a Guilty Dragon release? - End of Quote

Scythes ARE in the Shinigami Messiah game and it's much darker so if you're playing Shadow Escaper you have until November 28th if you do not know what SE is look at this

this IS Shadow Escaper I never did play this game but I do kind of like the OST anyhow Shadow Escaper is ending in November and Namco-Bandai has a new Trademark for Europe so my guess it's .Hack Guilty Dragon but a lot of people want .Hack HD remake for the Vita and myself would love to have it however like they said before Popularity is the primary factor in continuing .hack on consoles
and if you remember Right now, it's extremely difficult to continue an original series via console games. But that doesn't mean we're not doing any planning at all. The .hack series right now is Guilty Dragon, so, to put it bluntly, if Guilty Dragon's sales and profits reach a certain scale, and we're told ".hack is pretty popular, time for you to make another," then, "just in case something like that happens," we're planning so that we could continue to develop the series. so my guess it's Guilty Dragon if the game sells well WE might get something please keep that in mind


oh that reminds me they said that GD was going to be out this summer win it didn't come out I was like WTF where is my Guilty Dragon!? my phone is upgrade to play it and it just collecting dust! >_> so we might get it winter or 2014 that is my guess or they might surprise us and give it to us I almost DL the Japanese game but seeing this news I'll wait for the English game to come out so I can show my support and Guilty Dragon is a Smart phone game so be ready for that if it not Guilty Dragon then it's a new Hack game and Shinigami Messiah looks good I do want to play it