January 23rd, 2015

Alt Millia

テイルズオブゼスティリア エンディング 【ゆっくり実況】


This video his Major spoilers to those who have not played the game! watch at your own risk!

Yes TOZ Ending the proof of all the rumors about the ending and my game should be coming in pretty soon *cough* this ending I'm surprised they went with it O_o fan fiction fuel time and a lot of people like and disliked it but I myself liked it

"Finally, the last animated scene plays. A mysteriously shadowed figure waltzes into the ruins from the very beginning of the game, taking their slow time to observe the scenery. The camera pans to a blue-clothed person with long, white hair tied into a ponytail. His face is revealed: it’s Mikleo, after a timeskip of an unspecified amount of years. He manages to slip into the hole and quickly braces himself for the fall, only to come to realise someone caught up. The camera pans to a familiar glove grasping hold of Mikleo’s hand. Mikleo glances up, and the light illuminates the area around said saviour, leaving his form a mere silhouette. It’s Sorey. Mikleo smiles"

So yeah Slay and Mikleo ending or we can say Mikleo and Slay ending to O_o and the fan girls go wild o_O yes Slay has come back for him I'm not too sure much time has passed maybe he didn't age at all? no one knows *cough* time travel might be possible it just a theory

That guy at the grave people are saying that guy isn't Slay but someone else
"People speculate this person may be Sorey’s predecessor"

Link- http://pakaplus.tumblr.com/post/108899775008/tales-of-zestiria-spoilers-for-whoever-wants
You can read what happens here

off topic- about Alisha yes sad for Alisha fans she IS the Flynn of the game I guess a lot of people are upset about her it looks like Rose is the one who can fuse and she in the party most of the time maybe *hint*

update- Rumor bad ending for this game and for this ending it theory is that Sorey/Slay become a Tenzoku

update- added a new video to replace the removed one