March 18th, 2015


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● "singing and dancing developers" CC2 until now & future

19 years, other companies can not match, CyberConnect2 that has been making high uniqueness title (below, CC2). In recent years, while working on a boggling household title of conventional fan, also released the title seems CC2 to smartphones, and further expand the fan base. In such extremely smoothly looks CC2 But, this timing you rush in 20th year, as well as embark on a new challenge, in the ... !? here seems to make significant changes, to Hiroshi Matsuyama said company President, and up to now while asked back at the 19 years, a new "challenge" is CC2 from the 20th year tackle, I had talked about the spirit of "change".
(Interviewer: magazine editor-in-chief Katsuhiko Hayashi)

※ This article is one that was retouched and modify article that was published in Weekly Famitsu March 26 issue (released March 12, 2015).

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