March 25th, 2015

Alt Millia




April 4, 2015 (Sat) 15: 30 ~ 17: at 30 CyberConnect2 Fukuoka headquarters and Tokyo studio
Will be held the "mid-career recruitment briefings, roundtable discussion"!

In CyberConnect2, is now, more than a new project to compete in the world in progress.
To prepare for future projects, because it is in need of a new force, we will implement the adopted briefing intended for the person who has your career.

Please apply in advance those who participate (free).

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So it was pushed back to April the 4th at 15:30~17:30 I hope whatever they are going to post is good so the next update will be 4/4(土) 2015

more Job recruitment

no news on what is coming out yet