October 7th, 2015

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It's looking good so far they show off Azure Kite but not in party >_> humm maybe just like GU vol 3 he might join after the game? I hope it's not too long no word on BlackRose or Ovan or even Sakaki or even Tokio wait why are Azure Kite and Kite fighting? wait they become rivals! that's it >_<; somehow I knew both of them would clash somehow but I don't think that's the truth of it humm dun dun dun maybe some point people wanted to see Kite fight Azure Kite? beside .Hack//Link they did fight there also I just noticed another version of YASASHII RYOUTE Japanese music playing win they showed off .Hack so another version?
Link- http://www.mediafire.com/listen/h9a9criia2b6hlh/28_-_Track_28_Gentle_Hands_-Japanese-.mp3

Omg unknown from Tekken is in this game! poor Jun wait poor Jin I would love it if they put more Mishima family in this game like Jinpachi Mishima or Lars Alexandersson or Kazumi Mishima

And yes Tales of Vesperia Estelle was leaked and is now confirmed to be in game no word on anyone else that was leaked speaking of that it looks like we're just getting maybe just Kite and Haseo from .Hack? not that I don't mind but you do realized that Haseo Japanese voice over is also Asbel from Tales of Graces F? they share the same VA in Japan so...either I'm going to be hearing Haseo talk or a anti-social Asbel Lhant lol that's why in the Japanese Tales of Graces they got a dlc from .Hack Asbel got Haseo outfit and us in the USA didn't get anything like that T_T but they seem to change that since here in US they put Bryce Papenbrook as Asbel voice and not Yuri Lowenthal so that's why we didn't get the dlc from Tales of Graces F and it more likely we might not get .Hack//Link out of it since .Hack//Link also had a dlc from Tales of Graces F it was Asbel outfit for Haseo

omg win did I get tied talking about this? it's old news but T_T and yes I do have Tales of Graces F in Japanese and US enough of Tales of Graces F

But I don't know if we are getting English voices for this game it would be good but I doubt it but I wish they add more people from Tales or .Hack or even Tekken
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「テイルズ オブ フェスティバル 2015 Blu-ray」PV


Tales fans must have! ^_^

Link- http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/BNEI-48
Tales of Festival 2015 [Limited Edition]
(12960yen Tax incl. in Japan)
US$ 100.04
November 27, 2015

I got mine ordered it's pricey that for sure but I hope it's worth it >_<
My order come to a total of $117.81 O_o that's for sure I need to add more money to my card now