November 11th, 2015




Update- Found a better one but win I looked at this why do I got the feeling something might happen to Kite in order to defeat Azure Kite? or maybe it's just me looking at the opening O_o I hope I'm wrong maybe that will force Haseo to tap into his powers from .Hack//GU vol 3? I don't know that just a theory one thing they could do is tease us by at the end we see Haseo in his X-form but we never get to play it that would make me upset but yeah would Kite do something stupid like that for Haseo? giving the fact this is Kite we're talking about and it's pretty sad that no one can understand Azure Kite's words well Azure Kite don't really get to talk that much not like in .Hack//Link beside no word on anyone else from .Hack like BlackRose, Balmung, Orca, Ovan or even Tokio but my order from CD Japan has been shipped I hope this game is good so what are you're thoughts on this? I'm anxious yet excited

Update- People are ready streaming this game

so far it's looking good update- people over at gamefaqs are saying NO secret characters so people are upset of that? O_o we don't know yet

Crimson flower

When It Falls - RWBY Volume 3 Opening Theme - Jeff Williams ft. Casey Lee Williams Lyrics


I do like this opening it fits really good with Project X Zone 2 for some odd reason O_o but season 3 I'm looking out for this one yes I do watch other anime and other music I myself like red roses for other reasons that is personal to me just say red roses are special to me that's all but RWBY is a good anime sorry I guess my taste is different lol
Black hair

Project X Zone 2 what?


Resonance of Fate characters are probably like 'wtf' is going on with them

Humm the ost for this sounds like something from .Hack//Link I think and I thought it was a bittersweet song I like how it goes from that song from something from R;2 wait YASASHII RYOUTE Japanese plays win Azure Kite comes in I just now noticed that >_<; maybe YASASHII RYOUTE comes with Azure Kite? that means that song is...never mind...*cough* takes me back to this reminds me of the trailer they used for .Hack//GU I believe win they showed Azure Kite/Tri-Edge fighting Haseo they played YASASHII RYOUTE Japanese now I want to think maybe originally YASASHII RYOUTE was supposed to play win you fight Azure Kite not the music we got I think YASASHII RYOUTE would of fit perfectly for that moment

That was short lived >_< note to self win Haseo wants to argue let him argue and yes Azure Kite you just made it more awkward lol seriously Haseo you and your lookalikes Just kidding! this has to be .Hack// GU Vol 1 by the looks of it if it was in .Hack// GU Vol 2 Haseo would of known that Ovan is Tri-Edge not unless it in the start of .Hack//GU vol 2 maybe talk about tension thank god of Azure Kite interrupted like he did I knew there personalizes would clash I don't want to debate how Kite and Haseo ended there yet but I did noticed Azure Kite just warp in normally maybe too normal what happen to that Azure fire ball warp he usually do? hummm well at lest they are not making Kite or Haseo fight by themselves poor Azure Kite oh man I hope he's playable at the end or something makes me wonder if Azure Kite is showing himself now so Kite and Haseo won't fight? that just a theory of mine so we got Kite and Skeith from .Hack
Haseo and Azure Kite from GU right? no one else beside them?

Plot twist BlackRose and Ovan show up near the end somehow or even Tokio that would be good but yes in this game it looks like they made Haseo who like he's angry all the time it reminds me of something he said in .Hack//GU I think Haseo ask why 'Why do you think I'm angry all the time?' or 'Dose it looks like I'm angry all the time?' or something along that maybe they played that in this game?

by watching this Kite is still Kite and Haseo is still the Tsundere we all know and Azure Kite is still anti-social

Tsundere (ツンデレ ?, pronounced [tsɯndeɽe]) is a Japanese term for a character development process that describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time.

That totally fits Haseo personalty that what I think

And now they play this almost sad song it almost bittersweet and poor Kite yes Haseo really stuck on you're design being Tri-Edge and poor Azure Kite they don't show his name at all! (Except for calling Azure Kite Tri-Edge and Shino was mention but nothing on Atoli? no BlackRose either? and no Ovan or Tokio