January 10th, 2016

Alt Millia

.Hack//N.U. Thoughts 01


Today we're going to be posting thoughts and theories

Blue hair girl is DD the one I think is another Kite clone the women who looks like Miss Skeith lol is the crying women the women who you fight the first time around

Gender blend Azure Kite? nah it can't be it maybe it's DD becoming corrupted? or maybe it's someone else? but the two girls here maybe they are part of the group that you play with? or way of topic maybe they are the ones who we are controlling? our character? but I doubt it they could be the ones who are connected to the crying women somehow or they are just there hum if it not gender blend Azure Kite she could be a copy of the other copies say Phantom Kite? or even Shugo or Sora but maybe she has a connection to DD somehow that just a theory for now

Well as I said before DD battle pose is just like Kite own battle pose I noticed that and if you play a twin blade class you well get Haseo battle pose I also noticed win playing my twin blade class my character was doing black flips it reminded me too much of Haseo if you played .Hack//Versus or watch Project X Zone 2 opening yeah that kind of thing it surprised me and yes the RNG from this game hates me I end up getting gems win playing the game if you do missions long enough you can get up to 5 gems for the store that different from .Hack//Guilty Dragon so yes the theory of DD being a Kite clone was brought up by

Link- http://www.dothackers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=19778
they also post APK for bluestacks it works I tested it

they are the ones who first thought of it to me DD would of been a normal girl but nothing IS normal in the .Hack universe that different I mean we got Phantom Kite for .Hack//Guilty Dragon fitting for them to use a girl this time around beside Sakuya as for DD personality she hits off vocal and kind of cold and very serious that the first few min I thought of win I met her she not that bad I guess we don't know very much of her yet but I doubt that DD is her full name maybe it's a nickname or something? if it just DD that kind of odd if you ask me but it kind of odd that DD is chasing miss Skeith (Don't ask me why we're calling the crying women that name lol) who randomly appears win you're fighting in the first area and her attacks do 9999 damage or something and then a group of players go chasing her and she ignores us for now and DD just brushes us off like nothing and follows her but win we enter the next stage that win DD get vocal seriously she scolds us and tells us to back off but lucky our blond friend says it alright and we somewhat do no damage to miss Skeith a.k.a. crying women she just laughs at us and attacks us that win we get %100 on top to use Data Drain that looks dark and creepy looking versus the one that any Kite clone would use so maybe this has to do with that women who looks like Skeith gender blend or Skeith wife god forbid and maybe it has to do something with the Eight epitaphs? maybe something to do with Haseo? I doubt it but it just a thought and that's why DD involved because she is a Kite clone but remember this is all theory for now oh right there is this other guy he has crimson eyes and long silver hair he strikes me kind of odd...the first time you can met this guy is win you do a PK mission strangely enough of course he has this blue uniform on versus the one DD has that is red so maybe they are part of world something another? or they are in a guild or something it there outfits look like uniforms win I started the event it lock me in it T_T I was doing another event before that but ugh...now I got to fight PK who wants to fight us and we got a kid party member who shows up after you used Data drain she has silver hair and pink red eyes or are they violet pink but her personality is different she the one who starts this whole PK event by trying to talk to a PK guy (yeah really nice move) who tried to get away from her but she followed him I'm like 'Wtf' moment and then the danger music plays and then we fight PKers great omg I'm getting way off topic now lol sorry

back on topic so that what I'm assume is going on you know I can be very very very wrong about this DD could be someone else and the women who looks like Skeith could be some random women

So far I got 3 weapons from R;2 random RNG and one pants and a golden halo nothing from R;1 yet and some random armors from .Hack//Guilty Dragon that wasn't too pretty looking ugh...

so yes this what is going on and what I think of this game

Oh right there is this one strange guy who keeps following them and it looks like he has a hood on...Tokio is that you? or is it someone else? still reminds me of that one guy who follows you in .Hack//Guilty Dragon hmmm

Or maybe it's the weapon from R;2 that I used O_o maybe that makes the poses? that just come to me humm