October 1st, 2016


.Hack//n.u. story update finsihed one.


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So that's the story end now a new one showed up this time it looks like with more girls...er more bad girls?
(Correct me if I'm wrong) but yes they better not say that the blond or the brown hair girl is our romance destiny enough of that please.

I still wonder who that voice was who told DD to help us maybe it was Aura? or maybe...Tokio?

I think win you first do that mission that shadow with hood I think that was Tokio but we never saw that figure again so...very curious indeed.

Oh by the way that update

It given Azure Kite more emotions! O_o I was not expecting that at all! Let's see...

Win Azure Kite talks he moves! he's not the stone cold Azure Kite that we WAS use to! o_O

Not only that he's now clingy to my player character in talking....! him and Phantom Haseo can now sit...almost seductively and talk...*cough* *cough* O_O that was something I was not expecting as for Kite nothing changed about him between Kite shyly emotions not admitting that he 'loves' the player character and Azure Kite who is now clingy this is very interesting and no nothing new with Haseo either.

Wait you can marry Azure Kite in .Hack//G.U. right? So maybe Azure Kite is more accepting to romance versus Kite who is still shy about the whole thing...so...

Phantom Kite did get a update to he can move now but he never sits like they do...er...
They also have a update with the store in town that SR fire card that witch her story is...well she into the whole RP of master and slaves and the way you respond is funny how the girls react that going on.

Update- DD invited us to the area and she with us again so...they teasing us again!? Oh man I still want DD card and yes we fight more monsters.