October 10th, 2016


.Hack//N.U. thoughts yet again.


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But yes RIP Shino and Pai may you're cards rest in peace

T_T yes I gotten rid of them *hides away* well I was noticed something odd both Shino and Pai would smoother themselves onto the character seriously and it was making everyone else jealous super jealous so yeah...

And oh boy did it hurt to see both Shino and Haseo ignore one another and knock one another out...that hurt

No Azure Kite and Kite still don't get along yet either but not as bad as the girls was and Pai omg she acted like she was the girlfriend she was knocking Kite back a lot not only him and anyone else from talking to the character so yeah that was...ugh...

So if you really want a girl to love you and only you get both of them seriously it just got on my nerves and for me a fan girl to say enough was enough I had to stop it sorry.

However I noticed on my Alt some girls ARE not forceful and some ARE forceful win it come to romance and talking so you got to guess what one is nice and what one isn't.

Sure Shino was cute and I love her Japanese voice however she was...forceful she wanted eyes on her only but that the thing once that get you're 'romance' gift a.k.a. 'Item' they want to dominated the others just give them something and watch them chase someone else around trying to get them to agree.

And believe me it was hard watching Pai and Shino do that to the others so yeah they are gone from my party and believe me I never wanted to hate either girls it just was...ugh and yes I still like them.

(Don't get me wrong Pai and Shino are good cards just not for this save er...game if you can get them great!)

So I knock my deck down to 6 cards and I think that is enough well the results is no one knocks anyone out and the talk is...pleasant O_O no more glares no more they freeze and look up at you moments it's...peaceful

My thought is don't have too many cards in you're deck I think they felt spread thin so win you start up you're game look at who is knocking who out and how many people you have it might too much for them.
(Yeah yeah they ARE cards with emotions don't forget that and you can romance them)

But yes this is my thoughts and my discover in this game.

And yes I'm going for Phantom Haseo 100 romance event look forward to that much later.