October 23rd, 2016


【SOA】スターオーシャン シリーズトレーラー 『コロの宇宙暦講座』


Star Ocean anamnesis

link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX

This is a Star Ocean crossover game for the phone it looks interesting but it just makes me wish for a Star Ocean remake for the PS4 I would love Stare Ocean 3 remake or a new game based off this game for the phone.

But if I'm going to play this game on my Japanese iTunes account I'm not going to spend my money crazy on it like I did with .Hack//New world.

I also excited for NieR:Automata even if I never played that kind of game I might die I mostly play RPG games that I'm use to.

As for Tales of Berseria EN version I'm still thinking of getting it I already own the Japanese version and we all saw the ending and my hype for that game is 'meh' right now.

Persona 5 EN looks more fun but seeing people play the Japanese version and seeing the ending

Link- https://www.reddit.com/r/Persona5/comments/54zucq/persona_5_spoilers_discussion_megathread_2/
Major spoilers!!

And we know about Goro that he's...

So yes Persona 5 hype is pretty much as the same state of Tales of Berseria right now for me.

But overall I might just stop thinking of this right now and look forward to what Star Ocean anamnesis is going to be like if it dose get much love maybe...maybe they might think of making a new game??

So what do you guys think?