November 26th, 2016


.Hack...So is it?


So 20th December 2016 is the end of .Hack//N.U.

But in the month of December the new CD is coming out that what the rumors say.

But that news did any news come from that music event?

The answer is 'No' nothing was announced so what dose that mean? The end of .Hack?

They are still advertising .Hack//N.U.


But the story is coming to a end and yes I've tried the story again and the battles are still...annoying.

I've taken a look at them in .Hack//N.U. and lately...I've noticed Kite is depressed (Maybe it's me?) I think the characters got a update and no I'm neglecting anyone seriously and Haseo 1st is clingy as ever lol omg.

With both my main and my alt's Haseo 1st is so clingy...not that I mind but jealousy in this game is cute.

Back on the topic is there a new .Hack game coming out my sources tell me 'no' noting yet they will have a new CD out but nothing else is said...and it sad this might be the end of a truly good RPG series even if .Hack was supposed to end with .Hack//Link >_>

So I head rumors about the last story will be out with the last update that what people was saying and the 3 brothers in this story are... "......." you're going to find out in the last update but correct me if I'm wrong about this it what people was saying.

But remember December 20 2016 will be the end of .Hack//N.U. and maybe for good T_T

I hate saying stuff like that I want to believe that someday we will get a remake or PS4 game but the hopes of that is...looking not good.

Maybe that's why they WAS pushing SAO into the light? Because this was the end of .Hack??

I still remember that crossover they did with SAO but so far CC2 only wants to make new games or not anything .Hack related now and I still remember Namco-bandai saying it was up to the publishers not

With CC2 new game coming out that is not anything .hack related and Naruto and FF7-R remake and maybe another game is there anytime to make anything .Hack related? I'm starting to doubt it.

I'm also getting the feeling CC2 wants to and is trying to cut ties with .Hack that why they are pushing new games out I hope I'm wrong about that...sorry for being negative but that can explain why we never saw a new .Hack game for so long...

But so far the fan base is disappointed and some believe this is the end so they end the 'world' by closing .Hack//N.U. and leave many fans with a heavy heart this is too sad...

And some fans was upset they they chosen a phone game and not something for the console but they got to remember that phone games are cheaper to make but CC2 said that .Hack//Guilty Dragon would decide the fate of .Hack I don't know...if this is going good or bad...but .Hack//Guilty Dragon is gone.

And so now .Hack//N.U. is going to be gone with .Hack//Guilty Dragon so no good?

I still want a PS4 game or have them release the old games for the PS4 I would buy them again or even on Steam or working with VR somehow.

And you know what? We still never got a DD card in .Hack//N.U. I still want that card.