June 6th, 2017


SOA maintenance.


【6/8(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ】 明後日14:00~17:00頃まで、新イベントの追加などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテナンス開始をもって、開催中のピックアップガチャ(エッジ/メリクル)、SO4イベント後編などが終了となります。ご了承下さい。 #アナムネシス

"[6/8 (Thursday) maintenance: after tomorrow, 14:00-will be doing maintenance work due to adding a new event to 17:00. With the maintenance starting during the pickup Gacha (edge/Meri Kul) and SO4 event part closed. Please note that."


So what is ending is-
Edge/Meracle Pick-Up Gacha
New Weapon Guaranteed 10 Roll Gacha
New Weapon Pick-Up Gacha
EOE Box Gacha
Armaros Manifest Raid

So this might be the last time you can do this event no news for a new star ocean program so...

I'm thinking that leak of Edge and Meracle really hurt them in budget wise it feels like the TVCM they did was to try and draw new players into it however...I'm thinking that didn't work and I noticed after we got EoE girls there was a drop in big name youtubers who play this game they stopped showing videos only a handful of people post videos on youtube about this game.

I'm thinking they need to work on this game and get more characters out ever since that leak the Star Ocean program might of been cut back there is no more... 11.5 and so on.

I'm getting the feeling we might be near the 'end' that why people are moving on and playing other phone games.

And it looks like Tales of Link is doing pretty good despite it being not that advance.

If they are doing more wedding characters please give us guys now or we getting more girls?...er Waifu?

But I'm thinking they need to do more crossover to save this game or add different characters or take the old ones and make them into different jobs like how we got healer Nel people would love caster Fayt with explosion or healer Maria or attacker Rena so on you get the idea.

I'm still waiting for the Final Fantasy crossover or one with Nier Automata.

So if you're going to farm do it now.

SOA What did I get main? 02


So I did a few days a go a draw on my main account and I got One drop of Albel who needs one more drop to be 10LB.


Seriously Fayt said 'No' sadly to say no wedding girls for this account but wow playing as Wedding Maria is smooth I almost...did like her 'Almost' is said however I don't think Fayt on both accounts was too happy about that.

Maybe we might get new wedding characters hopefully not all girls again no that I mind but...

Wedding Rena for girls

Wedding Albel or Fayt for guys and yes people want Wedding Cliff and Wedding Deputy Director Shimada :P

But people are still guessing either Sophia or Reimi for wedding girls...*sigh*

If you're going to roll for Wedding Maria or Wedding Nel do it soon.

But yes I did get a lot stones on my main and I'm close to LB Rena to 5
I did rank up on my main account after this but Fayt is slowly accepting Rena just a tiny bit not that much sometimes I have to remove Rena from party to give them a break.

And the drop of the Ice Sword I'm thinking I might need another one to replace the wind sword on damage wise this sword is good for Fayt if you don't have the wind sword er...Edge weapon.

so my party on my main is
Fayt, Edge, Dias/Rena who switch around if I'm doing a boss fight Add Albel with that 5 weapon.

If Dias and Rena can't get along with party then I switch Reimi in with her tank weapon she also works good but if she not LB her defense are weak she now at 1LB by the way I doing weapon draw before right? I got another red bow for Reimi so she's...powerful it a level 5 red bow that's about time I got that Ice Sword on my main account.

Oddly enough...it looks like any person that I control and if Fayt is in battle he will stick like glue to the person I'm controlling and Reimi is almost fun to play as.

And yes I'm not going to say how many times Fayt glared at who...*cough*...Edge *cough*...Rena...*cough*...Dias

But yes this is a little talk about how I did not get any of the wedding girls on my main account my alt account was lucky.