June 17th, 2017

Alt Millia

SOA what did I get alt.


So we got free gems right?

I decided to roll on my alt account yes Zero rolled in hope to get Wedding Rena...

I got 2 rainbow I was excited I thought one would be Wedding Rena...but fate said...

Luck is not on you're side today.


twice and her name is Bridal Ivilish >_<

Got Bridal Ivilish 2 times >_> so Zero is team Ivilish I also have healer Ivilish that I pulled for this account >_>

No luck of Rena anywhere that sad very sad I have to rent a Rena for this account.

So how do Fayt react to them? Win I play Healer Ivilish Fayt is clingy with her not Bridal Ivilish I'm starting to think Fayt would be clingy to anyone we play don't matter who they are yes I had both Ivilish on the same party it was team Ivilish er...Iris.

But alt account is down gems again to draw again so got to start saving up more.

on my main account we got gems that I never spent I'm waiting for a good weapon draw for that account.

And it looks like the fan base is loving Bridal Ivilish she is very OP that what people are saying and healer Ivilish is still not good.

So there plan worked Bridal Ivilish is loved but I still don't like her sorry T_T

Maybe if I play as Bridal Ivilish I might like her more...she is cute but...ugh I'm going try so don't count that out.

Again good luck to any of the wedding girls who you might roll for may you get lucky with either Bridal girls or get lucky with both this was a roll I did on my alt.

So Zero got Wedding Maria and Wedding Ivilish and Fayt I think we're good who is best Wifu but we need Husbando to.

And for healer Zero got Millie and Ivilish for now.

And yes I'm saving my money for .Hack//G.U. Last recode come on tell us more about that game.