June 23rd, 2017


SOA Casters.


"6/29(木)メンテナンス時に『キャスター』ロールのバランス調整を予定しております。 ロールの特徴をより体感しやすくするほか、一部キャラクターにつきましては個別の調整を行う予定です。 詳細につきましては、アプリ内のお知らせおよび公式サイトをご確認ください。 #アナムネシス"

"6 / 29 (Thursday) maintenance when we intend to "casters" role balancing. In addition to easily experience the characteristics of the role more, some regarding character individual adjustment is scheduled to. For details, please check in-app news and official site."


Casters are getting a balance.


So any mage type not healer is getting a upgrade or balanced however that takes away the sparkle that Faize had.

Faize was the fastest caster until this update.

So any mage type 'caster' not healer if you have in party will be good.

I'm still using attackers and defenders and healers even after this update.

I never did like using caster the only caster I did like using was Faize RIP Faize for his fast casting.

However if you're running Sophia and Myuria or Lymle this update is good for you or even Bridal Ivilish.

At this point casters will be OP O_o and what about the rest??...Attackers and Defenders need boots to >_>

I don't know why but Edge as a defender needs to be looked at he don't take aggro as good as Dias but Dias needs to be worked on to.
However some people say Edge works good alone with casters and shooters O_o but wonky with Fayt from my experience.

Hmm my main account for casters has
Sophia, Faize, Myuria, Lymle, Ronyx...I think that it.

My alt account has-
Bridal Ivilish, Sophia, Lymle,

It looks like Lymle, Myuria and Ronyx drop a lot and they are not useful not right now only if they have a good weapon but after this update they will shine...maybe.

So get ready for caster-mage update for this game at 6 / 29 (Thursday) maintenance.

I'm thinking healers need to be looked at next Rena is the only good healer at the moment Sarah is second and the others are last.
And maybe defenders need to be worked on also *cough* especially Dias and Edge.

Some people was saying Dias is more attacker then defender >_> however he takes aggro from my Fayt so he's alright with me.

Edge works good with shooters and casters that what some people was saying however some people also said Edge is the first to go down.

Conflict emotions rising conflict reports rising conflict salty people rising.

So I'm ready for this update and you that much time to farm, farm and farm events.
red and white

.Hack//G.U. Last Recode (ラストリコード)』.


"『.hack//G.U. Last Recode(ラストリコード)』グラフィックや機能など大幅に強化されたポイントを紹介"

".hack // G.U. Last Recode (theatre code) ' introduces the features significantly improved graphics, features"




It talks about the same thing we already know??

Looks like no one translated this yet O_o >_> >_<;

But it's up and my crappy translation is telling me some of the 'facts' we already know...for now.

Oh but it will reach 4K O_o yess my PS4 Pro is ready so is my 4K TV O_o

However no release date just...teasing if you call it.

-From what I got is-
Terminal Disc has been added.
new addition element...!? (What???)

And everything else we already know they talked about if someone can translate the links please do.

I'm guessing the addition element is something else added to the game??...er...new characters? DLC?...er...new magic?? >_>

And all of this was from twitter.

I need release date.

If they was going to tease us more they can show us BlackRose or Kite...or Tokio or even characters from the mobile game like DD or any of the phantoms from .Hack//Guilty Dragon.

And I'm thinking they need to get this game out fast before the 'hype' dies down and people...forget it...T_T I'll never stop thinking of this game never.

I would love to have this game to have some kind of cameo that would be nice or dlc accessories or accessories unlocked like cat ears and outfits ect.