July 1st, 2017


SOA Caster buffs so we did??


Again I don't play with casters but...except Faize who comes in the party sometimes on main account.

"Changes on 1.7.0
Adjustment Contents
- Additional config added in Battle Settings
- Gacha Layout changed
- Multi Room codes changed to numbers only
- A portion of character's victory pose camera has changed

Unique Caster Revision for some characters

- Higher Rush Combo Damage
- Added Lightning to Rush Combo and is now Extinction (Violet Lightning)
- Lowered the amount needed to fill gauge

Military Spirit talent has an additional AP Consumption -20% so Ronyx can Cancel Bonus 300% by himself

Chosen Intelligence talent has completely change and is now "Damage to Single Target +30% & Ease of Stun +15% (All Allies)"
The cast time reduction from Chosen Intelligence moved to the talent "Feelings for Elda"
Dark Element added to Rush Combo and is now Elda Pierce (Dark)"


Hmm 'buffed' is the word not all of them have been said we need Lymle and Sophia you get the idea.

The 'Gacha' layout is something to get used to it's new some people already dislike it.

And one thing I did noticed Ivilish her voice is More after battles win you click on the banner there IS more Ivilish >_> I'm barely liking her and now we have her voice more...I had to turn her voice completely off in the settings.

(SO Ivilish voice is off on both accounts I don't mind Koro voice)

Ugh...I like it win it was silent but yeah more Ivilish they are really pushing her to be loved.

Sorry It felt like she was 'nagging' and 'nagging' after every battle some people like her encourage words but it just got flat out annoying for me in the end.

If they come out with swimsuit Ivilish that will be 'it' we know that Ivilish is supposed be 'Waifu' cannon wife to this game but I think that is enough for now give the poor girl a break we need other people or better yet swimsuit guys I would love some swimsuit guys.

However people are already guessing it's going to be swimsuit Nel and Swimsuit Ivilish and swimsuit Miki more girls but they already hinted at swimsuit Miki and they also maybe hinted at swimsuit Maria in the comics...so we might get them again...T_T

if that ever happens I'm not rolling for any of them we already had them as wedding girls except Miki so we need new people.

new blood new swimsuits new people.

Hmm didn't they joke about swimsuit Deputy Director Shimada long time ago?? This is his time to shine :P

Sorry for sounding upset it just the whole Ivilish voice got to me and SOA is supposed to be my relaxing game.

An sorry Ivilish I know you may like her and hearing her voice more might encourage you to play more but it was not for me.

By the way the SO5 event was cute and Fidel from SO5 almost 'hey did we ever met before?' the whole event was relaxing until you realized Ivilish was involved somehow I think she sent our characters there by the looks of it she open the portal to get us back.

My guess they are going to promote the girls and Ivilish ever more to draw in more guys so expect more of that in the future.

Ivilish isn't that bad but she is a Tsundere and she was cold a first and now later she is showing that she might like our character and since there no one else around we might have a ending with her and it was at first she was the only main heroine that can't fight however that changed around the April Fools event the first ever Healer Ivilish it was supposed to be a 'joke' however they pushed Bridal Ivilish out to make it serious now and yes Ivilish has a demanding side soft side a.k.a. Tsundere.


So far the only girl I feel attached to in this game is Rena I like her soft side everyone else is 'look at me!' and pushing one another out of the slot since everyone has some kind of attachment to our character don't manner what gender they are.

Oh boy some of the guys have that side of them to ones like Dias and Albel watch out of them.

So far the laid back guys was- Fidel, Claude and Roddick. (I don't use Roddick but I can tell by renting one)

Win I say laid back guys I mean easy going guys that don't get pissed or upset win fighting.

Fayt is a mix bag he can go either way sometimes he's way too possessive.

Faize is easy to get upset and Faize is the fastest to 'rush' um...Faize is Faize you get the idea.
(And thus is why I said you have to get use to Faize emotions if you're playing as or with him)

Victor odd win I noticed Fidel in party Victor will act like he is Fidel boyfriend er...I mean 'glare' at Fidel and try to squeeze him in the wall if that don't happen Fidel will turn and glare and chase Victor away...if I have Daril rent Victor will stay by him or runaway from him O_o I always knew there was a Drail-Victor-Fidel love triangle going on.

Oddly enough win Emmerson is in battle rent Fidel will stay by him O_o er...nothing to see here.

Sadly to say the whole Victor and Fidel romance I think it flopped I think the only reason why Victor will ever go with Fidel because he reminds him of Drail and the fact that Drail and Fidel are father and son that is...and Victor always puts Drail above anything else.

That my take on playing Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness, I still think Star Ocean 3 is way better.

And people will think other ideas about SO5.

Oh boy I went way of topic sorry *ahem* so yes get ready for swimsuit that are coming and guess who we are getting.

And win the swimsuit come out we will see who they go for I think they might make more girls for the guys.

SOA Tier listing??


People are so worried about Tier listing.


I use doper.net for my tier listing and people usually use Game8 for listing however win characters drop and rating change people panic.


I'm seeing conflict people saying game8 is putting Dias so high win he's 'useless?' people in discord think Dais is useless..

Me playing with Dias he takes aggro but Edge is more powerful then him and Edge has that HP buff however Dias is not that bad if you give him that right weapon from my experience.

Claude being at the highest tier? seriously?? From what I can tell Claude is not that powerful except his buff he has now if you can give him a a good sword that might work otherwise...

looking at both sites Millie on dopr should not be on the list Rena is way better over her in buffs and healing wise.

As For Fayt his role is mixed if its not a good element its kind of bad that I did realized and I think Int effects Fayt attacks with a high INT sword and attack Fayt dose damage that from MY Experience playing as a Fayt player.

(And keep lots of elemental swords around win playing with Fayt he needs all the swords he can get)

There is no doubt that the Wedding girls are high in tier listing there is no doubt with the buffs Sophia should be SS ranking.

Looking at both sites can we get a better one please??

Now that I think of it https://game8.jp/soa/102944 has a better ranking but I'm going to see for myself who to trust and who not to trust.

I will say this there is no doubt that Rena IS SS ranking she is the most fast caster beside Faize and she can heal fast she is a must.

Healer Rena not her wedding version.

Second might be Relia and Sarah would be if you don't have either of them.

Omg I'm getting conflicted to I'm not going to take the tier listing seriously I almost did to lol.

I think someone said on facebook that they wanted to start over because of there tier dropping or something like that...
Sorry it all I recall people do take this tier listing very seriously.

I would not be surprised if someone did scrap there account because there characters drop and they only want tier ranking characters

Me I'm keeping my account I'm happy with my characters I say just play who you want to play with and have fun.

If you don't have tier ranking characters you can always rent them there are a lot and lot of people who have characters to rent if you're worried about that and people put hard time working on them so remember that win you rent them.

And some people are playing free to play and that's all they have.

I think from now on I'm going to stop listing to rumors and people disliking other characters and finding out myself how it is I don't like the negative emotions going around this is what happens win you got facebook group, discord group talking about characters.

So no more tier listing for me I'm going to play the game how I want.

However if you want to use the tier listing more power to you and good luck with that.