July 3rd, 2017


What did I get? (main account)


So I decided to roll 4 times the first 2 times was the day before and I got a Faize drop.


That got me enough gems to get Faize up to LB8 I also got Edge up to LB8 and Fayt was protesting like crazy win Edge was LB7.

Got Edge up to LB8 Fayt left him alone for now >_<;

So on my roll today I rolled this morning and got nothing good no rainbow decided to roll a few min ago and...

R-Relia O_O I was on Fiore banner to >_> Before I did draw was on Relia banner and got nothing good...odd

Yes I did knock my gems down T_T But I'm not worried I have to pick up my check tomorrow huh? today? Er...time zones (I have a job O_o)

She so cute...if I didn't have Fayt as leader she would be 'leader' and yes I did change the pic back to Fayt >_<;

OK I did some testing

Rena has Angel feather that buffs attackers right? Angel Feather (AR) 95 AP - Power: 20% 20 seconds Max Hit Count: 1 (All Allies ATK・INT・DEF・HIT・GRD Increase)

Relia has a buff named Wise・Prevent ATK 65 AP - Increases INT based damage, reduces ATK based damage taken (All Allies)

Relia is kind of good she is...is...a fast caster! O_o I was surprised and she's fun to play as and her voice is cute.

Did a few runs doing the Micheal event had Fayt, Edge and Celine (rent) and me playing as Relia holy we nuked poor Micheal and Fayt was the only one with Ice Sword and I don't even have Relia weapon at all she was on some random healing staff I think it was pink and heart?

So now I got to think of rolling for a new staff weapon or try to get Relia weapon witch I need to start farming for I didn't think I was going to get her so...yeah I used the coins T_T

But yes the ranking for me is

And anyone below Sarah is use only if you must.

And Relia light spell she gets omg it's so cute and small...it like small tiny light wind thing but she is light elemental it looks like it so the light staff would work with her but I don't have it.

Now me playing as Relia I had both Edge and Fayt looking in my direction I was like 'What?' and we know Relia is 12 right? So it was like 12 year old to save the world it was cute.

But yes Relia is OP she has to be at 0LB with not her own weapon she did about 1K damage going on first rush I'm thinking she will get more powerful if you LB her? No wonder I see lots of Relia's around and Fiore to.

I would but I have no LB stones at the moment and I just LB Faize and Edge to T_T

I guess we can do a Faize, Fayt and Relia party that might work I might to try that out after I get Relia at lest 1LB

This time no slacking win Faize weapon comes around I have to go get it I tried fighting that monster on non LB old account I don't even have no more...that win I tried to re-roll for better characters and that was not fun memories that deep freeze...T_T

That was before they 'nerf' the tree I never had any reason to go back to it until Faize got this update and we have fire weapons.

Now let me talk about groups-
Star ocean Anamnesis facebook English group is alright they are friendly but serious and they want you to go by the rules they have.

Discord Star Ocean Anamnesis group is good for information however some of them are stuck in there own ways and like to rant about new players and they will tell you what character they really really really hate and it full of harsh language so it mostly a group for adults.

The discord group rather have people who know what they are doing and they don't like new people you can here them complain in the chat and it's known that most of discord group is full of guys heads up win you join that group.

But the points I can say the discord group has good information and there are a few friendly people there but they are washed away by the 'hate' what I mean if you don't listen to them they will argue with you until you see it there way and they love picking on 'pubs' in the MP and they dislike auto there words are

"Who ever auto is banned" they want whoever players auto banned from being in the MP rooms that how they are it's...ugh.

That one negative emotion that prevents me from talking with them I was going to post my ID there and everything but no way not after all that and how bad they can be.

(And I think there some guys pretending to be girls but they act all wicked like and...it's messed up and win a girl or someone nice shows up they act all rude toward them until you act like them or leave that how it is) it just the way they talk...O_o sorry.

And you can tell they are guys if another guy says 'Alright lets go guys' so heads up on joining that discord group.

I am posting in the English Star ocean Anamnesis facebook group they are really toned down so if you have facebook just look around for
'Star ocean Anamnesis English' and join

And the discord group half them are not from NA...O_o why are they in the English group?? So they play on Asian time zone.

So this was a talk and I know the people from discord work really hard on the information and I respect that but I don't like how some of them act.

That's why I stop posting links to that discord group you can find it at
https://www.reddit.com/r/soanamnesis/ look for the link on the side bar.
Group that is 18+ mature group they also have lots of 'NSFW' R-18 pictures heads up. (so yes lots of guys in this group)

So I'm sorry for being negative it just ugh I can't deal with that kind of people who use words like that it almost like they want to say
'I hate you' or 'Get the f out' sometimes it just gets me down that's why I'm 'blah' but I'm only there for info I guess.

off the topic-
Tales of the Rays Brings Its All-Star Heroes To North America This Summer

O_O where is our Star ocean Anamnesis for NA?? We need the game in English.

Yes I did try Tales of Rays its...not good as Star ocean Anamnesis but people do play it.

SOA new what?


"次回生放送で発表予定のロードマップの情報をもらいに来ました。 長い会議になる予感がヒシヒシと… #アナムネシス"

"Next live on about the announced roadmap to come"


So you know they talked about the roadmap right? There goal for this game.

And this next livestream will be long I think they are added more stuff to the game making it more epic.

I'm guessing we might get 7 Stars characters and maybe PA and who knows what.

OR they might be ending SOA and making another game O_o that would be...

Star Ocean 6??...a mix of SOA? or what happens after SOA?? Or spin off game or something.

I would love a Star Ocean time travel game like SOA for my PS4.

But I don't think it's that time yet I'm thinking it going to be new stuff added to this phone game.

I do want SOA in English so we can get the story they can keep the Japanese voices.

So the question is why did they make SOA?..a.k.a. Star Ocean Anamnesis? To reboot Star Ocean right? Since SO5 wasn't good I know Japan didn't like SO5 and NA didn't like SO5 so...what are they doing?

What people wanted was a remake of Star Ocean 3 and Star Ocean 2 but they given us a phone game that only in Japan right now.

And we can tell SOA is almost closely based off Star Ocean 5 a.k.a. Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness and SO5 cast was put in the game first so...what is going on? (I know there a mix of the others like Nel and Myuria win this game started I think...) correct me on this one if you can.

All the other characters was added later and in the time SOA is closely to SO5 and before SO3 if time works.

That's why it's funny if you have someone from SO3 doing events that is before SO3 timeline can you say time paradox?

All I'm waiting for them to say this is all cannon that way we can say Fayt solo ending is this after solo ending Fayt get summoned by us in the Star Ocean Anamnesis timeline.

I'm thinking square enix given them one last chance to prove that Star Ocean did not flop *cough* SO5 and this is what was made and surprisingly this phone game did good very good so maybe they got the green light to do something more?

So now that they know fans do love this series what do you think they are going to do?

So from all the information we got they are going to announce a "Roadmap" to what? The game's final end?? T_T to a new game?

To more stuff? More outfits?? Crossover with the game Nier Automata? Final Fantasy? you get the idea.

I want more outfits and more events and PA for the life we need PA's back in this game.

And Item creation they joked about it way to many times.

What do you think this roadmap is going to be? I'm still thinking it more add on and outfits and hopefully More bosses.

7 Star Fayt will have Dimension Door :P T_T wishful thinking there people but wow big update in July...hmmm this makes me want to know.

This is just my thoughts it can be anything so don't get too hyped over this after all it's is a roadmap for now.