July 7th, 2017





7/11(火)20:00より公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #14』が放送決定!今回のキーワードは『夏とこれからの僕たち―』です。艦長・・・この夏、僕たちはどこへ向かうのでしょうか・・・ http://sqex.to/cfC  #アナムネシス"

"7 / 11 (Tuesday) broadcasting decision on official live "STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #14' 20:00 more! This keyword is "summer and from this we-' it is. Captain: this summer, where we headed?"


Youtube or niconico

Scheduled for Jul 11, 2017

◀◁ キーワード ▷▶


----End of post---

Welch Binh Yard (MC)
Shuichi Kobayashi (producer)
Kai St. Present (operating producer)
Other guest

"This program is a live stream of Star Ocean's latest work Star Ocean Anamnesis. Join the MC Welch, Kobayashi Producer, and Kai Management Producer as they showcase New Characters, Events, and Live Plays! This time "that" sexy character will join as guest for the first time! Please enjoy!"

The keyword this time is "Summer and the us from now on"

Wasn't this the one with the roadmap? The future of Star Ocean Anamnesis right?

So we know girls are coming Miki was already showed off but what about the guys? And there joke of swimsuit Deputy Director Shimada? :P

They have to skip all the girls who was in the bridal pack we know Miki is one of them.

Celine, Sophia, Clair, Reimi, Fiore you get the idea but Reimi would be nice we need more bow users that for sure.

And we hope no Ivilish she was in the bridal pack and we will have too many of her.

For the guys Albel, Fayt, Edge, Cliff, Fidel, Roddick you get the idea or any of the guys in swimsuits that would be nice since non of them was in the bridal pack and we had nothing but girls since Edge come out >_> but girls attract the guys and I thought that what they was aiming for...

But I will say this Fayt or Albel will sell they will bring in the money fan people will go crazy.

But then again we might get nothing but girls and girls and SOA will turn into SINoALICE they have nothing but girls right??
Sorry I never did play that game the only other game I can think of that has nothing but girls is Hyper Dimension Neptunia?

Not that I mind the girls they are cute and girls do draw in the guys it's all about the Waifu but for us girls we need the Husbando.

But heads up I'm ready to spend money if it any guys if it just girls again I'll see.

So let the Waifu and Husbando wars begin.

Who do you think will be coming in swimsuit style?

Long time ago they did joke many times about Deputy Director Shimada I don't know if anyone taken it seriously or not...O_o
It was in the past program they did.

I know people would want some guy in there even Cliff I can see them putting swimsuit Cliff and Bridal Nel together for shipping :P

The worse they can do is put in Lymle and Relia people would be upset the guys want real women.

So my guess since they showed off Miki it's going to be her and another girl Sophia, Celine, Reimi you get the idea.

After that next one swimsuit part 2 we might get some one new maybe the guys? I'm thinking they might do the girls first but it would be nice if they did Miki and and a random guy.

That my guess it can be anyone it don't have to be Miki but they did show off Miki so people are guess she is next.

And they got a weapon gacha I rolled on my alt and got the earth sword, Godflame Sword Kagutsuchi red Katana I called fire Katana and another Ruin's Fate I never use on my alt Fayt at all if only it had INT in it.

So Edge has the earth sword and Fidel got his old weapon and Fayt is still on the Holy Sword Farwell if only I got another Ice sword...

my main I'm not rolling it's too tempting and I might spend all my gems on those swords...knowing me I would of...

So the update is out and know we got STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #14 coming soon this is moving fast O_o

So get ready for Summer fun and who we get for swimsuits who do you want?

PB what?


My account at Photobucket just got flagged.

For 3rd party image hosting >_> seriously?

They want me to sign up for the $399.99 / Year deal no way so they went from a free website to a you have to pay or they will
terminate your Membership deal...

So they already sent me a warning time to look for another free picture place oh boy I'm going to have to
Download all my pictures

The e-mail they sent me is sign up for this or else kind of warning it felt treating my account is free if you want to know.

But no I'm not buying into this so I'm starting to download my pictures all of them O_O
(I got all my pics downloaded and I have them backup on usb flash drive so they are safe)

Wait what do I do with the pictures that the people who made them are gone??

Especially the .hack ones oh boy I'm going to have to think what to do with them...

At first I'm going to back them up to a USB flash drive and after that I'm going to look around for picture sites that are free.

This change started July the 1st it looks like so this is a update if you have a PB account and you was paying for it before the changes stated you're okay as long as you keep up the payments or else they will...be very treating *mutters*

I just noticed I have good cosplay pictures and a lot of good pictures so if the people made them are gone...

That mean they are mine?...T_T that not how I wanted it...

See this is what happens win you was a fan girl for so long and out lasted the fan people... *sigh*

I think I can post them on my tumblr account or something...I'll think of it.

Maybe win .Hack//G.U. is out for the PS4 I'll post some pictures O_o maybe some cosplay pictures maybe some fan pictures we will see

So what they did is lock my account until I pay them >_> not going to happen not only that they are forcing me to click on the ads for paying them...no way I don't have that kind of money for it $399.99 a year? no way.

I can download my pics I can't share them.

Time to move on to a different picture place.

And now I'm trying to download my pictures they are going slow with it I think they are doing this to make me give into them...

This is a update what is going on.


O_O Maria

I'm going to have to use dropbox it worked!!

so I'm going to be using dropbox for post for my doujinshi I'm not to sure yet.

I looked into Flickr and Imgur both sites I had problems posting pics on and getting them to show on LJ so I ended up going to Dropbox and people was telling me Imgur is a good place to go but you have to watch out for Imgur since pictures vanish sometimes there? One person was saying that I don't know if it true or not.

So Dropbox almost works like Photobucket and it let me post the pics how I want it to look so I'm going to use Dropbox for now.

For my doujinshi I'm still thinking maybe...tumblr? I don't know yet.