August 4th, 2017


.hack//G.U. Haseo new outfit.


o_O O_o er...he looks like a hollow no...arrancar! O_O something from 'bleach' is the first thing that come to my mind >_>


Something from Bleach...O_O but his outfit almost like like something from SAO people was saying it look like SAO.

People are surprised to see Haseo in this outfit shows off his chest hello his 3rd class did that also.

Warning this talk has some spoilers in it you have been warned

So the black dots are AIDA right?


So Haseo overcome his emotions to get this job from AIDA??


IT the same AS Tokio what do you think Tokio powers are?

if there is a chance we are dealing with AIDA there is a chance we might see Tokio or AIKA

But overall Haseo looks deadly I think he may become the dominated one now maybe

If there is no change in Azure Kite that might happen lol

But I do want more characters to be added to this game like BlackRose, Kite, Tokio or someone.

Haseo still has his 'charm' I got to tell you that even in this new outfit I'll miss the butt protectors :P

Seriously I'll miss his X-form I wonder if his Twin blade animation will change if he get this new outfit??

If you noticed ever since Haseo got his X-from Haseo twin blade attacks normal ones mirrored Azure Kite animations
That why Haseo in his X-from look different win he used his twin blade normal attack not his special that something I picked up win I had Azure Kite in party playing G.U. long time ago that was funny and cute

Since Haseo X-form are connected to the 'Key of twilight' right? So his new outfit might be connected to...
Ovan yes I'm thinking something tragic is going to happen to Ovan and Haseo will inherit his powers...

And this might be the results of Haseo merging with AIDA not Azure Kite >_< that AIDA inside Ovan arm
And we might get to see what AIDA looks like O_O

They say that AIDA is capable of speech by assuming control of Ovan's voice but we never got to see what AIDA looked like at all if AIDA has a body right?

That a good theory but AIDA has been erased that what wiki says and I'm thinking its right however Ovan powers hello he is the "Rebirth" so anything can happen?

Well if it's not "Rebirth" or AIDA it has to be something else that given Haseo that powers...

Er...Tokio? O_O no no no that would be...>_>

Um...Aura? But why would she given Haseo the powers of something she was trying to defend herself from?

Kite? How would that happen that would be a crazy plot twister

BlackRose? That might happen if she WAS 'Sharp BlackRose' from .Hack//Guilty dragon

Wait it can be someone from .Hack//Guilty Dragon or .Hack//N.U. also or maybe I'm going to far...

So yes what do you think it is? and old foe that 'Mysteries girl' that shows up or something else?

And yes I just found out Haseo out of the blue meets a 'Mysteries girl' who we don't know about...

Quote "However, a mysterious girl named Kusabira suddenly appears before Haseo, and she appears to know about the Q’ha Holme caverns where Ovan was found frozen…"


I just noticed...isn't that outfit that Haseo has the opposing one that Kite had?...
O_O in .Hack//Link Kite's Xth form it has to be the trance coat maybe I'm looking too deep into this...

Wow this has gone long enough this is all from a picture of Haseo and wow I'm still seeing the whole
hollow-arrancar thing it the black spots I tell you...

With this info we got someone can make a Bleach and .Hack//G.U. crossover now :P

But yes what do you think of Haseo new outfit like or dislike?

I myself like his X-form better it just me but I'll get used to this one maybe.

SOA What did I get?



Nice looking sword

got this on the second roll O_o

Upgrade from the wind sword

Looks good

This sword IS 'Swimsuit Reimi' weapon

"Weapon Name: Sea Treasure Sword・Braublitz
Type: Sword
Factor: Gain Lightning Attribute
Ease of Stun +20%
Limit Break Factor: Critical Chance +30%, when not being targetted by an enemy
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 965 ATK / 960 INT
Obtainable From: Gacha"

So now Fayt has 'fire' and 'light' and now 'lighting' between this and the 'wind' sword Fayt is now a good master at elements this sword is a major upgrade from the wind sword.

What I noticed sword with INT are good for Fayt it helps his 'rush' I do want another of this sword and yes this lighting sword is a bit powerful then the wind sword alone that says it's good

I compared them on Fayt unfortunately the 'earth sword'
"Weapon Name: Scratch Blade
Type: Sword
Factor: Damage to Beast +40%
AP Usage Reduced by 10%
Limit Break Factor: Recover 5% HP every 3 seconds, if hitcount is 100 and above
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 960 ATK / 959 INT"

This sword is not good on Fayt it works good on Edge or Fidel that what I noticed I tried it

this is on my main account my alt...not so lucky my alt kept getting the 'gun'

"Weapon Name: Sacred Gun・Divine Blue
Type: Gun
Factor: Damage to Demons +40%
80% Chance to survive a fatal blow, if HP is 10% or above
Limit Break Factor: Damage taken -15% when in front of enemy
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 962 ATK / 959 INT
Obtainable From: Gacha"

>_> hello weapon for Wedding Maria

But yes that lighting sword Reimi weapon looks good on Fayt and I'm seeing a lot of Fayt's with this weapon so that a good choice if you don't have this weapon go with the 'wind sword' Edge weapon for Fayt

And good luck getting the weapons this time the weapons are not that bad I might try to roll again on my alt to try to get this weapon my alt still has the Holy Sword Farwell on I'm starting to think my alt Fayt want to keep that sword
>_> it don't help him with elements but it helps with rush

And may the RNG luck be with you some people didn't get what they wanted talk from discord.