October 19th, 2017


SOA update


【★5キャラ確定SO3ピックアップ開催!】 10/19(木)メンテナンス後より、スターオーシャン3に登場した★5キャラのうち、いずれか1体確定の10連ガチャを開催!\(´◎∀◎`)/ 期間は10/26(木)メンテナンスまで。お一人様3回限定。お見逃しなく! #アナムネシス

"[★ 5 characters identify SO3 pickup held! ] 10/19 (Thursday) maintenance after more that appeared in Star Ocean 3 ★ 5 out of character, either accept the creature of Gazza held 10 consecutive! / (Be ◎∀◎') period and is 10 / 26 to (Thursday) maintenance."
SO3 banner is going to be up. (Sorry bad translation T_T...)

New weapons in the Gacha.

The gun is good for Fed Edge another gun is added now.

So if you want any of the SO3 characters now is your time to roll for them.

Getting Fayt, Sophia, Maria, Cliff, Albel is good getting anyone else is kind of low.

I myself mostly play with Fayt on both accounts people say the SO3 cast is outdated it's true overshadowed by everyone else now not unless you LB them and use skill seeds they are outdated.

My feedback is yes both of my Fayt's get rented out but they are maxed in skill seeds it just the AP skill seeds on my alt who is lacking it my main is fully maxed out.

So if you're going to aim for anyone from SO3 make sure they are maxed out LB and skill seed wise.

My take on SO3 cast-

Fayt - Fayt is pretty good being a elemental user putting a good element sword on Fayt works and Fayt is good with buffers who buff attacks without skill seeds used on Fayt you might struggle a bit Fayt is not a defender and if you draw aggro with using Fayt I say shake that aggro off using defenders with Fayt is good idea if Fayt is not maxed out with skill seeds my max out skill seed and LB Fayt can handle his own I also see Fayt dose good with Rain and Dais in a boss fight.

Sophia- Sophia is a pretty good buffer she is better if you have nothing and want a upgrade I say you might have to control Sophia on your own Sophia might need LB and skill seeds maxed on her to be more useful some people do use Sophia even if she is a bit outdated by Swimsuit Sophia but she is somewhat useful.

Maria- oh boy Maria is very outdated getting Maria is not the end of the world Maria don't hold up to Wedding Maria but she is somewhat useful between Maria and Fed Edge or Verda the pink hair girl they are both better then original Maria.

Cliff- Cliff is somewhat useful people still use him but Mirage is way better over Cliff but if you get both put them on the same party that might work.

Mirage- Mirage is better over Cliff you can do a lot with Mirage that why so many people use her put her with any attacker and it might work put her with Meracle and Cliff with a healer and your good to go.

Albel- Albel is outdated by Crowe if you have him you can put him with Crowe and Ashton that one long rang attack is why people use him otherwise Albel is mostly a solo player he has no buffs except himself so if you like that long rang attack try getting Crowe or Ashton that might work however Albel defense is weak he needs skill seeds and LB bad.

Nel- Nel is way outdated by Wedding Nel playing with Nel is not the end of the world but having her skill seed is a must she needs all the help she can get.

Clair- Clair is a bit better then Nel putting them in the same party might help but Clair is better then nothing you can use Clair with Cliff or any attacker that might work but watch out for Clair defense.

Despite being outdated people still use Albel, Maria, Clair and Nel I see them a lot on solo maps and I do use them the solo maps are overflowed by Rain and Fina and the Swimsuit girls.

In the solo maps Fayt is making a comeback O_o who said Fayt was dead again??

Albel is pretty strong in the solo maps Albel users are still around.

Nel and Clair are barely seen but they do exist they are seen in the solo maps I've run into them.

Maria is rare she is overshadowed by her Wedding Maria version and other gunners so if you see Maria that is rare.

Sophia is still full bloom her and Swimsuit Sophia are used by a lot of solo maps people.

Cliff is another rare character he is overshadowed by Mirage and Meracle so if you see Cliff in the solo maps people still use him.

Mirage is pretty good people use her a lot and she good and you will see her in solo maps.

So if you're going to roll for any of them good luck the RNG can be very RNG like.

And if you do get Nel or Clair it's not the end of the world but you might get kicked from MP rooms they are not liked among people but if you like them use them.

(A lot of people on discord said they will kick Nel or Clair >_> yes they are that harsh over there)

Getting Albel is good for his long rang attack put him with Crowe and Ashton you can do damage.

Getting Fayt is something to get use to and if you die using him and ask 'whats wrong' you're not playing him right...Fayt you have to dodge that AOE attack...not only that people always complain that Fayt attack power is too low that why he needs skill seed and a good weapon for him Fayt is not a heavy damage dealer he's more of a elemental user and you need INT in his sword don't put any sword on him.

I found out oddly enough Fayt with Rain and Dias works good in a boss fight Fayt can do a lot of damage with the right sword with Fayt and Edge not so much they don't work good together Victor can hold aggro right but he can't do damage like Dias can even if Dias is the worse they say...>_>

So overall Dais is more of a attacker not a defender that's why people don't like him and just think with Dias power with skill seeds you might be able to do something having Dias with a good Sword and Sheath and you're good to go if you have Rain that even better since Dias is a defender that can't hold aggro watch out for that you might need a healer.

So good luck on rolling and if you are playing on auto like me it's not the end of the world just forget to turn the auto off win you join MP rooms it said they do kick auto people from MP rooms I myself have not tried it I do solo rooms and I'm slowly working on Dias yes Dias and I given up working on Rain and just rent a 10LB Rain with the sword I need and I'm good to go that's on my main account.

There so many Rain users in the solo maps why not? Just like Rena and Fina who I see a lot.

So go ahead and rent them if you don't have them and need them.

This talk is from my experience and win it comes to SO3 I want to talk...sorry for my emotions it just SO3 is something I do love and I feel defensive win it comes to that and .Hack games.

Just play the characters you like and have fun that what I think and if you're going to roll for the SO3 characters good luck and look up who you got.

New comic...fan service here we come O_o er...Victor and Fidel...no Daril and Victor it is hinted about Daril and Victor...poor Fidel.
red and white

.Hack//G.U. info update.



The latest Famitsu magazine reveals a Unison of Skeith and Corbenik for new Avatar Battles in .hack//G.U. Vol.4.

Ovan and Haseo fusion it hinted they are more of a couple now...:P

Come on Haseo tell Ovan that you like him this is driving me crazy.

Ovan join the party and you get a new avatar fusion battle I don't know why this reminds me of something off...Naruto and Dragon ball Z somehow...

So expect emotions between Haseo and Ovan in vol.4 beside all the fan service and Shino and Atoli are not included :P from this pic it looks like to be all Haseo and Ovan hint hint...*cough*

I don't mind Ovan joining the party it just I don't like him and I'll use him but I'm not romancing Ovan sorry Haseo you're going to have someone else beside Ovan in my play through.

So who ready for .Hack//G.U. last recode I am I hope we get other characters to be added to this game also I still want BlackRose, Kite and Tokio.

And what else we are getting in Vol.4 we don't know yet info is slowly coming out.

Haseo new avatar reminds me something from Digimon maybe it the design it looks off if you ask me I do like vol.3 avatar better but it's a new avatar and new powers.
someone also quoted "DNA Digivolution"....eh it so Digimon.

Haseo new outfit something off...SAO a.k.a. Sword Art Online, the black holes something from Bleach Arrancar Haseo?, the white that the last remaining of Haseo X outfit and the whole coat reminds me of something Kite would have from .Hack//Link... maybe it's a .Hack//Link hint? Tokio.

Wait wasn't Tokio outfit mostly black and white?...And this new Haseo outfit is...oh boy.

Overall I do like Haseo X outfit better that my thoughts anyone can think otherwise about this.



西暦2017年10月、地球では事件が起きていた。『お菓子をよこせ…!』呻き声に人々が恐怖する中、遂に光牙師団『光』が立ち上がる― 次回、STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #18 『ハロウィン』 詳細は⇒http://sqex.to/8e-  #アナムネシス

"0/2016, incident were happening on Earth. "Give me candy. "While moaning that scares people finally stand up light Fang Division 'light'--next time, more"Halloween"STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #18"

"There was a certain incident that occured on Earth on October of 2017... People began turning into monsters, roaming around the city in order to appease their hunger...

"Give us your sweets......!"

Just as the groaning of these monsters had instilled fear into many, the Light Fang Division, "Light", had begun to take action!" ----From Facebook

Facebook people guess it's Claude and Fidel...come on we got more light users beside them and we had Prince Claude so he is out.

Light Division?...Fidel do fit that so do Fayt who else is a light user? Turn into monsters that sounds more SO2 then SO3 if you ask me so...Rena and Claude?... we don't need anymore Rena or Claude please.



Keywords- Halloween? or Light...(I'll update this win I get more info)

On twitter people expect it to be Claire?...O_o

No word on discord yet.

I know one thing never expect who you want you might someone else.

Get ready for Halloween event coming soon and who we will get is unknown yet.

I want a mix of girls and guys please no all girls and we get nothing but girls...

So yes I'm ready for this upcoming STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #18

But the notes I tied to translate makes it sound like...Nel and Claire maybe... or maybe it how it said?

I'm just guessing but people on twitter is saying Claire we don't know yet.

So who do you think we will get?

This is making me anxious a bit I'm also excited.

Expect anyone but people are really saying it's Claire...or are they wishing for her?

I do want people from SO3 I would like the guys to be added like Albel, Fayt, Cliff beside the girls who already had outfits Claire would be a good choice.

Since we already have Wedding Nel, Wedding Maria, Swimsuit Sophia.

girls would go crazy if Albel or Fayt got a Halloween outfit just saying.

And it can be anyone beside the SO3 cast.

Let's take a look at the Light users-

Claude- People fan favorite Claude is a light user that for sure him doing a Halloween event he would be stubborn but do it if Rena involved and Japan loves Claude more then anyone because his girlish looks but remember he is married to Rena that is cannon.

Fidel- Fidel would be a nice choice he would do it with small protest but Fidel is easy going and might do it and Fidel is another light user.

Fayt- Oh boy good luck with that one Fayt would be the most stubborn one to do this you would have to drag him away from the VR room to do this event Fayt is more into the Virtual reality world then anything else that last event we had with VR proved it otherwise but Fayt is another light user.

Claire- she is not a light elemental user but the whole Light Fang Division do fit her.

Ivilish- She is a light user and she can work also that if they think of adding her.

Relia- She is a light user but I doubt it not unless they do go down that road.

There also Edge and Celine are a possible but we got Fed Edge so he might be out and Celine that can work also.

But yes who do you think is going to be added with the whole "Light Fang Division?" Win I think of Light I'm torn between Claude and Fayt and Win I think of Fang Division I think of Claire or Nel.

Oh but Fang...fang...fang of the wicked?...Albel?...nah it can't be...

This is my guess it can be anyone so expect anything.

And Claire is going to be the 'Guest' another Claire?...

SO3 incoming event with Claire and Nel and...a light user?