November 21st, 2017


.Hack//G.U. Story


This has spoilers you have been warned.

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I'm kind of blah about vol.4 and how it ends the story of g.u. is 'ugh' about it win it comes to romance as I said before I'm never never playing vol.4 I don't know the whole Ovan and Haseo fan base was that powerful I myself never liked Ovan.

Unless they add DLC to vol.4 I'm not touching it I'm not a big OvanXHaseo fan I'll never be one.

I just finished vol.1 and starting vol.2 slowly and seeing all the hints in the story is...'ugh' and how blindly Haseo is following Ovan words around I'm ignoring it.

From what I can tell the person you married in vol.3 don't count in vol.4 all the hints you get from marrying the person in vol.3 don't count don't matter since it Ovan and Haseo. badly I don't like it but that what some people was getting upset about.

So my goal has not changed I'm going to play up to vol.3 and stop it and say that how it ended.

And yes Alkaid fans was pissed no hint that Haseo liked her or Atoli in vol.4 no word on how Endrance fans feel about this.

As a fan girl I was pissed win I saw Haseo drop all his romance in vol.4 for Ovan of all people and not only that Haseo married Ovan on top of that.

But hopefully this will please the Ovan and Haseo fans I don't care for vol.4 at all.

Sorry for being negative but that my emotions on it.