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.Hack//Link opening movie.


Everyone I happen to find this one day late it's maybe .Hack//Link opening movie don't ask me WTF there doing but it's all Anime style as I said before NO Cut Scenes just plan Anime Style But I Think it is poplar in Japan I Did order the collectors Edition that comes with everything well almost everything except the OST I don't know rather to laugh or to cry win Watching this opening...really it a bittersweet moment for me anyhow...

.Hack//Link opening for the PSP I want to know WHY everything in the real world is this the Hint to the ending? or is Tokio just hallucinating? or did everyone get use to having them Around? so .Hack//Link is coming out March the 4th 2010 in Japan I'm getting it a few days later due to the shipping so yeah update everyone.

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