March 30th, 2018

Alt Millia

Tales of Rays RIP


This might be not news to people but Tales of Rays is shutting down

It was announced win Tales of Link just got shut down


So what is Tales??

Sit back as I tell you the story of Tales and Tri-Ace

Long ago it started with a game called Tales of Phantasia.

They worked on it Tales of Phantasia was finished however they could not agree on anything else after that soon after that two split up hence Tales went there way win Star Ocean went there way...

Yes Tales and Star Ocean was once the same long time ago...

That why win ever a new Tales or Star Ocean game come out they go at it since it's old history

Tales of Link is already gone and now Tales of Rays in NA but not in Japan

People are now saying Tales are now dying and I'm starting to believe them.

So far Star Ocean anamnesis is doing very good in Japan

And we know for a fact Tales and Star Ocean will never never have a crossover if you know there history it will never happen that why some game style is almost the same and some characters look like one another

I will say this I was starting to get into the NA ver of Tales of Rays but the RNG is horrible and I'm used to the combat from Star Ocean Anamnesis and the combat felt like a step back you have to have major luck in RNG to get a rainbow.

Tales of Rays also has no free movement it's bad but the story wasn't that bad no English voices all Japanese voices it was nice it felt like Tales however you either had to spend lots of money in this game or get very lucky or re-roll.

And they are not generous as Star Ocean Anamnesis is with gems it harsh maybe even more harsh then FFBE with gems.

As a Tales fan who wants more Tales game I see this as a sign that Tales is dying.

We will never get the rest of Tales of the World games or Tales of Asteria not outside of Japan

So I'm going to delete Tales of Rays off my phone and go back to Star Ocean Anamnesis and Pokemon Go, and FFBE.

I was trying to get into the Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia however my phone lags with it and it slow loading so that was cut short it looks cool but my phone says no.

So this is a mini update telling you if your playing Tales of Rays it going to end and the rumors are they are closing the game because someone told them 'management' that players are not playing this game and people are pissed.

Not only that facebook nor twitter never talk to the NA community isolation much? Yes people are saying they wished they had better management.

And if your just starting Tales of Rays like me you might not want to get too attached to it and go find another JRPG game.

Goodbye Tales of Rays I will never see the end of that story.