April 22nd, 2018

Final Fantasy

So let me be clear about one thing


I got news people was telling me I made discord news?


The same discord that tells discord people that facebook is cancer yes them not like I hate them they are good info.

And they call me a lurker? To tell you I've been with this game from the start I remember the hype win it come out my first account was a Faize main user I re-rolled to get Faize and win I got him my phone I stuck with it until I got well more characters I use my tablet I re-rolled a few times on my tablet until I got Albel as that main user then Fayt drop on both accounts and the rest is history.

Yes I taken the long way I DL the whole game don't ask how many times to re-roll and that was before we upgraded our internet and here people had it easy they used Nox.

The argument between 9S and Opera has got them upset it from my point of view everyone has different ideas I keep saying this.

About this 9S is a very good to have if you don't have Opera use 9S and if you don't have 9S use Opera.

My alt account has 9S and he is good I have no good healer and my alt account almost bad there was times that I wanted to re-roll that account but I didn't

If you use Opera her jumps you can be almost OP she is good at long rang

And now they want me out of Discord thanks I was going to show my account there but no way I'm not that place for mature people who are bit toxic and they are not afraid to tell you they dislike you.

I get info from discord, twitter and facebook and win they have upcoming event I see what people was talking about like the last live stream we had people was hinting at EoE and that what I guessed we might be getting

My livejournal is all about my ideas and theories and rumors that I heard people was talking about and I never wanted to disrespect people I never wanted people to hate me but if this not your cup of tea don't look that all you need to do.

I'm not going to let this get me down even if they are telling me 'go and die' it's that bad I'm not letting them get me down it's a bit crazy but I'm going to stay positive

I will say this people on discord are hardcore if you don't see eye to eye with them they will let you know they hate that and if you don't know what your doing they will tell you they hate that.

If you don't use the characters they like and use a character you like they are Garbage that how people on discord think it quit the opposing how Facebook people think if you look at it.

I don't want to hate people on discord but I never wanted to make news over there and I'm not giving out my account no way.

Why I thought it was EoE? Youtubers from Japan was spamming EoE in the chat twitter was hinting about EoE for all we know that just a theory for now we have no proof that we are getting EoE again

I myself want Final Fantasy but that just my desire everyone HAS different desires

If you use and take Alt Albel buffs win he heals with his Talent one person said they solo win there group died Alt Albel has that heals in you attack it will be hard with out a healer *cough* Rena or someone that heals but you can use Alt Albel if you don't have A2.

*Fix that due to my nails and typing too fast T_T

The person that was talking about was on facebook that they soloed with Alt Albel.

Compared to normal Albel, Alt Albel is way powerful with the new GS you can do damage with Alt Albel or A2 or any other GS user.

Go on facebook and look for Star Ocean Anamnesis English and join that group.

So this is a update that I was never expecting to do I will update win the next events comes out

And if you doing to do the RNG with the GS good luck may the RNG be with you

To let you know I do spend money in this game real money before I was going to use Nox for just playing around however Nox gone and I'm not going back to bluestacks that bluestacks is horrible it was crashing a lot win I use to play .Hack//Guilty Dragon and .Hack//N.U. it was bad.

~RIP in the memory of .Hack mobile games.

I also caught the last of the .Hack mobile games on my phone and tablet just barely but I did get the story at first I played on bluestacks then I got the tablet and phone so yes I do need to upgrade my tablet and phone but I'm holding off for now.

So I'm going to wait for the upcoming live stream it will be the usual get some sleep before the live stream and wake up 4 AM O_o hello from Pacific Standard Time and then go to bed and get ready for work yes I do have a job that's why I'm able to spend money.

Alright enough of my real life way off the topic

I apologize for all this but it had to be brought up.

And since I'm off the topic we got a new Scanner so I might post some more Doujinshi I did end up buying more Doujinshi for more info on my Doujinshi scan you can go look at
Link-http://asukaikari.tumblr.com/ be warned I am a fan girl if you don't like don't look it's simple as that.

Come to think of it discord reminds me of the toxic of any MMO you know them you seen them yes them and to tell you I did run into a few toxic people like this.

On the other hand there are some nice and helpful people on discord but it's rare.

And now you ask who ships who? Not only me go take a look on twitter the fan wars are real.

SOA bug fixs.


"【4/23(月)メンテナンスのお知らせ②】 本日13:30~17:00頃まで、不具合修正などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテナンス中はゲームをプレイいただけません。詳細はゲーム内のお知らせ並びに公式サイトをご確認ください。 http://sqex.to/dn8 #アナムネシス"

"[4/23 (Mon) Maintenance Notice ②] Today from 13:30 to 17:00, we will perform maintenance work related to bug fixes. You will not be able to play the game during maintenance. For more information, please check the in-game announcements and official website. http://sqex.to/dn8 #アナムネシス"


They are going to fix the Deep space mission
Temporary Maintenance on 4/23 13:30 to 17:00
-Fixing Starter Missions Bug
-Fixing Deep Space Exploration

So win that is fix I'm going to start farming need red disk for Fayt and get what else I can.

I might of had red disk but I halfway awaken Fidel my bad it was on my whim but no Fidel is not fully awaken I did almost fully awaken Dias almost Maria and Edge I did not touch yet.

I want Rena awakening and maybe 9S.

So get ready for this update.

Update-So was the deep space Exploration worth it?

It works on a timer and you have to spend gems to make it fast sometimes it's a hit or miss and sometimes the rating are low. (think money mat gacha)

And to make a note of people in discord just stop talking about me it just going to add more flue you want to pick a fight go argue with someone else.

And I said before I've taken information from discord, facebook and twitter it not just discord itself if that what you're upset about.
At this point I want to say discord is very toxic as usual.

I will say this if you keep talking about me on discord I will ignore you I don't need that drama in my life.

I wish you all the luck you can get with future RNG and good luck if your going to roll for the newly GS weapon it's good especially for A2.

As for the wedding event I want to see wedding Reimi with the newly rifle it will work.