June 1st, 2018


SOA Wedding story~✿


SOA Wedding story~✿

It starts off with Fayt working with our character learning how to do Federation work?? (correct me on this one) but with the new foes that show up Fayt recklessly sets off with Reimi them both alone.

That makes Faize and Verda show up looking for them worried yes Faize is in this event *cough*

This story works just like how Phia got her powers but its for Reimi alone so this is a female event story *cough* so win do Wedding Fayt show up? He don't not in this story.

The results is that Reimi is alone and Faize and Fayt have to go look for her and she is with that foe who ends up talking to them much like in Phia story and Reimi has to accept that power much like Phia story.

So that how we get wedding Reimi who ends up with Edge who comes really late and he makes a note that Reimi would be fit to marry any lucky man that makes Reimi upset at him and Edge is really really dense in this story.

Win Fayt was helping Reimi with that Faize says to Verda that Fayt and Reimi are both special people to him or it hinted like that maybe that why Faize is attached to Fayt that Fayt reminds Faize of a reckless Edge.

In the end Edge ended up with Wedding Reimi alone and for Fayt event he ended up with Faize...>_<

Did I tell you Faize and Fayt are together a lot? No girls just them both...

But before Faize went to talk to Fayt who said... "...No" what was Fayt thinking of that Wedding version of him? I think for a moment Fayt desired a wedding version of him and thus Wedding Fayt was born...*dies*...(theory)

Since Wedding Fayt has no part in this story you can make theories of how wedding fayt come to be another theory is that our character is dreaming of all these wedding versions of our party and is dreaming them ourselves.

And it is hinted that Fayt is spending lot of times with Faize our character and Roddick no girls Fayt has enough time with Faize to be shipped with him that what fan base didn't like.

Even in the live event they did that video that got removed Fayt was spending time with Faize a lot

And yes all the hints saying Fayt is spending time with our character and Faize and sometimes with Roddick no girls.

Maybe that why win they did that live event they thrown girls at Fayt who responded like Fayt did

This event was fun go and see for yourself how it ends and have fun with this event.

But yes wedding fayt has no part in this story and wedding fayt is the desire from?? "......"

And Edge and Reimi are now almost canon ending like Claude and Rena.

And have fun with this story.

I'll post my pictures later I did roll on both of my accounts I'm very...happy.✿✿

"【ピックアップガチャ開催!】 5/31 (木)メンテ後より、ウェディングイベント『託した想い、明日への誓い』がスタート! 併せて「花嫁レイミ」「花婿フェイト」の出現確率がアップしたピックアップガチャが登場します! ピックアップ期間は6/14(木)メンテまで! #アナムネシス"

本日のメンテ後に登場予定の期間限定キャラを、動画でご紹介! SO4より「花嫁レイミ」さんが、★5エースの弓アタッカーで登場です! 純白のドレスに、すこし恥じらいのある表情がたまりませんっ!こ、これはなんとしても僕たちの艦にお迎えしないとっ…!!(`◎∀◎´) #アナムネシス

本日のメンテ後に登場予定の期間限定キャラを、動画でご紹介! SO3より「花婿フェイト」さんが、★5エースの片手剣ディフェンダーで登場! この差し出された左腕…!えっ、まさか僕のために!?だ、だめです~っ!僕には艦長という存在が~っ!!(´◎∀◎`;) #アナムネシス

I have to say wedding fayt is very...girly O_O er...this versions makes him more girly...but no wedding story with our character and fayt or even reimi that sad I did want to see reimi and our character but she ended up with edge.

My the RNG be with you~✿



Star Ocean Anamnesis NA is coming!

And you can have English Voices and Japanese voices

Pre-registration is now open for STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS, a #scifi #action #mobile #RPG on #iOS & #Android! Pre-register through @GooglePlay Store or like/follow us for better community rewards!

You wanted to play this game without the hassle of DL QooApp and putting that on your phone? Now you can with the English version of this...support this game and we might get something in the future...

Since I've already made so much work on my Japanese account I'm going to be playing my Japanese account.

Be warn you got a lot of crossovers and characters to buy to get up to speed with the Japanese players
Lot of time and lot of money but it's worth it it very very fun game.

I might take a look at the English version of this win it comes out I might use my English iTunes account but...I don't want to play 3 accounts do....I?... I'll think of it

But Star Ocean Anamnesis is coming to NA and out of Japan get ready for this.

In Rena voice "Are you ready?"

And yes Rena is one you want to get Rena for heals.

And if this keeps up maybe NA will get this.

『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス -Twin Eclipse-』先行PV Arc 2 coming to Japan.

Arc 2 is what we are waiting for.

In Rena voice "Are you ready?"

And join Star Ocean Star Ocean Anamnesis English on facebook or join the discord either one has people to work with.

It makes me wonder if NA server will be merge with the Japanese one...hmm so NA can play with Japanese players...that would be fun.

Beta link-https://staroceangame.com/closed-beta-test/
Jun. 1, 12:00 a.m. 2018 to Jun. 13, 11:59 p.m. 2018 (PT)
Jun. 1, 7:00 2018 to Jun. 14, 6:59 2018 (UTC)

Both facebook and discord has said they are only going to support the Japanese version of this game however...

Facebook Star Ocean Anamnesis Global group is now up that for the NA a.k.a. English or Global groups
go to facebook and look for 'Star Ocean Anamnesis Global' and join if your a global player.

The discord we got now is they are allowing people to talk about the game but they are going to fully support the Japanese version no word on a global version of discord yet and discord also said win the NA game comes out they are going back to support the Japanese version.

And the facebook 'Star Ocean Anamnesis [JP] - English Community' they are allowing people to talk about the game but win the game comes out they are going back to support the Japanese version.

facebook and discord said the same thing they will support the Japanese version the best bet would be Star Ocean Anamnesis Global for now until a global discord opens up.

The choice is yours join whoever you want to join but I'll keep a look out if a English or Global discord group shows up and good luck and have a good day.

Global discord-https://discordapp.com/invite/cjBG63w
Global discord is up.