August 7th, 2018


SOA Summer [EN]


"The Summer units have been nerfed slightly" Is the word from SOA global side from facebook.

One thing I did noticed is NO special dialog in the Japanese version limited characters like the summer girls have new dialog in battle and sometimes there voices are different tone slightly.

However it looks like they didn't add any new lines to the summer girls or I never heard it.

Another small update is our character is no longer the silent hero "......" we have some kind of lines now...well not fully lines but you get what they are doing however in the Japanese version over there the captain is still the silent hero it more accepted over there I think.

I am going to draw for them? No I'm not I did buy the gems sale and I'm going to save up for Fayt and Rena.

So good luck on getting them may the RNG be with you.